Editor: I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, some of which were true, most of which were not. Conspiracy Queen is the latest in a long line of hateful responses to my letters that appear in this paper. According to Barbara Williams and other Left-leaning letter writers in Lake Havasu City, I’m a liar, lack integrity, espouse conspiracy theories against Democrat politicians, a cultist Trumpian, and have no morals. On the national scale, I’m a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, a Fascist, a cultist, a deplorable, an irredeemable, a xenophobe, unhinged, and a white supremacist.

As a life-long conservative, I am used to being called names by Democrats and in the past have turned the other cheek, so to speak.

However, the hate coming from America’s tolerant, forgiving Left, does get old and sometimes I feel the need to defend myself and other conservatives who are no more guilty of the things said and written about them than I am. I have had it up to here with the hatred coming from the Left since President Trump was elected.

My last letter urged some Democrats to look in the mirror and see that they have become hate-filled people, railing against our duly elected President and wishing him death, hoping he would be intubated, hoping Vice President Michael Pence would die or be intubated, too, so Democrats could finally be rid of Trump and his racist supporters.

I was horrified at the responses and wrote a letter in protest of all that hate.

One Washington Post columnist said Trump and his supporters should be wiped off the face of the earth, that we didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as she did. Now that’s hate! I have looked in my mirror, and I do realize that I have disgust (more than hatred) for the Democrats and their supporters, the national media that is nothing more than a propaganda machine for Democrats and the DNC, and the socialist/communist policies that will, in my opinion (to which I’m entitled), ruin America. 

My letters are factual and if some on the Left would read some of the books and articles I’ve read recently, they might learn that the person and party they support isn’t what’s best for this country, not by a long-shot. It horrifies me to think that so many good people have been hoodwinked. After all, it’s my America, too, and I have a right to defend our country and president by writing letters to the editor. Thanks for praying for me, Barbara, it’s much appreciated. I pray for you, too.

Kandi Finfrock

Lake Havasu City


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Donald Trump 2020 for second term, no problem here Dawn.


You silly guy! Still desperately holding out hope that Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader of the trump virus and responsible for the deaths of 2000,000 Americans still has a chance.

I do agree with trump 2020 - twenty years in federal prison for crimes against America followed by twenty years in state prison for tax fraud.

Dawn King

Let’s see, Miss Kandi, .....one candidate and his band of grifters has actively been trying to weaken or eliminate government agencies and services that Americans rely upon. One candidate ran up huge deficits to give tax breaks to the wealthy during a time of economic growth. One candidate has unknown sources of income, questionable business deals and multiple bankruptcies. One candidate is proud of his bromance with dictators while he weakens international alliances. One candidate claims to know more than his generals and calls our military members suckers and losers. One candidate supports white supremacy and perpetuates conspiracy theories. And, oh yes, one candidate lies about the severity of the COVID-19 threat and fails to take action to prevent the loss of tens of thousands of American lives. The other has a moderate political agenda. I can see how scared old white people like Miss Kandi would have trouble making a choice.


You know Ms. King it’s really to bad that Bernie and the Bro’s with his strong showing in the “primaries” forced your Party PooBahs to go with “Old crooked Dementia Joe” as your candidate? Must be tough trying to show your support for the 47 years of theft, lies, extortion and quasi racism exhibited by the Delaware Corruption King, Dementia Joe Biden? I think in 2024 you guy’s need to keep Bernie the “Commie” from running as a “Dimocrat”! Maybe, just maybe Bernie’s “sell by date” will have expired, I think he’s as old as “Corruption Joe”? #Re-Elect45! [thumbup][huh][crying] Deaton

Dawn King

Deaton, old boy, you’re just another turkey voting for Thanksgiving dinner, thinking you're special somehow, thrilled that twumpy and his minions are "hurting the right people" -- without it ever once crossing your tiny self-centered little mind that a government run amok is safe for absolutely no one, including its leaders, and you are just as disposable as anyone else. Your bigotry and greed have blinded you to the basic facts of life on this earth, and it shows, bigly.


“government run amok” you and I will have disagree as indicated by my pre-Covid 401K! “just as disposable as anyone else.” Yeah, just like 57 million “human lives” disposed of in the trash by individuals like “Kermit Gosnell”, I suppose? “Your bigotry and greed” , yes I am “bigoted” against those looking for a free ride at others expense through income redistribution, socialism in all forms. Greed, yes again, I want to keep what I lawfully earned and what I have accumulated from my own labor, free from people of your persuasion confiscating it for redistribution to those that refuse to succeed! I guess that’s why I am and always will be a member of the “Republican Party” supporting Republican candidates for public office. “your tiny self-centered little mind” seems I have touched a nerve? One point for me! Have a great Thanksgiving Ms. King! #Re-Elect45! [thumbup][beam][tongue] Deaton


Kandi, keep them letters coming!


Sure, why not. Her trash is always good for a laugh and proves to people just what a mess some of Havasu's residents are. And I am curious, why did you stop using my Typhoid Donny fright mask picture as your avatar?


Say whattttt?


Okay, "WHATTTT?"


Thank you for bringing back my Typhoid Donny fright mask!


BigBob - [thumbup]


"My letters are factual ...". Not that I've ever seen. Instead of whining about people calling you out for being the hateful person you are, how about you just stop writing such trash?


Little Robert, here you are saying she shouldn't express her opinion, " stop writing trash". Funny how you would like to silence her which is against her first amendment rights. You know, those rights that you used to write many books and articles and express your opinions on a daily basis. You Sir are a fraud! In fact, your whole career is a fraud. You want freedoms for yourself and wish to have them removed from those you disagree with. You wish death (gene pool cleansing) on those you disagree with. Not only a fraud but vile. Claim facts where there are only rumors or unnamed sources. Support criminal enterprises, like the Biden family. Nils is happy with you but most everyone else sees you for what you are. A sad, pathetic individual with little time left to change the error of your ways.

You will be glad to know this is my final post. Pushing your buttons, though easy, has become boring, much like reading your writings and opinions.

Good day Sir!!!


Perfectly stated. It was to the point that no one could have an opinion but BigBob,or he would be attack you for your thoughts.


Hmm, a curious take, but that is your opinion and of course you are welcome to it. No matter how incorrect it might be.


Who is "Little Robert?" Sure wish I could see his comments because I agree that no one should be denied the right to express their opinion - and you do know the first amendment has nothing to do with people posting comments in a newspaper? Right?

And my first amendment rights to write my books, articles and opinions have never been infringed. However, many times, I have had all types of my writings rejected by various editors and publications - including this newspaper - which, of course, have nothing to do with the first amendment. Right?

I find it curious that you claim my entire career is a fraud. That is, of course, your opinion and you are welcome to it. And when it comes to fraudulent claims your posts (under your “other” name”) are loaded with them. I do not wish “death” to anyone. In fact, if you actually read my comments you will see I fully support all of those who want to participate in Typhoid Donny’s gene pool cleansing events – it is their right to ignore science and medicine. And for, literally, years I have challenged you and others to stop whining about my comments and to actually prove the information I provide is in error and no one has ever stepped up. Instead you insult and attack me.

You talk about the Biden family as being a “criminal enterprise” when it is coming out more and more each day that these “stories” about the Biden’s are being orchestrated by the Russians and live-on only through fools who are easily misled and weak-minded.

You are correct in one aspect, I expect, at 77 and physically disabled, I may have little time left, but you may rest assured I will, as much as possible, continue to call out fools and expose those who are hell-bent on destroying our nation including Typhoid Donny and his actual crime family of grifters.

Sorry to see you go, but I suspect you will not be missed. And I apologize if you found my numerous books, both fiction and non-fiction, and the hundreds of articles I have written boring. If you would like to gather up my books that you have purchased to come to that conclusion, I will gladly refund your purchase price.

Now, have a good life.


RW, may have tired of pointing out your manure BigBob, but I haven’t! I’m loving this “free fire zone”, I get to take “potshots” all day and nary any incoming fire. Let’s see it’s been about six months now that you’ve been cowering in the corner! But you and the “Moron” HavasuGuy [batman] read every word I post! Come’on, Jar Head, come out and play? #Re-Elect45! [thumbup][beam][tongue][love] Deaton

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