DOJ empowers FBI

Editor: America is crashing and burning before our eyes. The Biden administration’s latest attack — and that is what it is — is directed at... wait for it... parents! That’s right! Parents who don’t want their children brainwashed with Critical Race and Gender “fluidity” theories -- and dare speak out at School Board meetings — should be aware that the FBI may come knocking at your door!

The latest power grab -- sponsored by the DOJ at the request of the National School Board Association -- is to take parents’ voices away if they “terrorize” board members by voicing their objections to the brainwashing of their children. I’ve already read that our local school board wants to limit parents’ rights to speak up about what their children are being taught, under the guise of “civil discourse.” I remember a time when parents were encouraged to be involved in their children’s education. Now, we’re being told by the DOJ that the FBI will be sent in if parents speak out against the “approved” curriculum, that it’s really none of their business to know what their children are being taught. My question to parents: Do you want your parental rights taken away? Do you want your children to be taught destructive “theories” as truth?

Democrats: Do you now see what a true totalitarian administration looks like? If not, open your eyes! I keep telling myself that things can’t get any worse in America, and then Biden and his minions top the latest power grab. God help us all!

Kandi Finfrock

Lake Havasu City


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There's always a US vs. THEM mentality here! (left and right). Isn't that true Davey?

How about we all address the real reason for CRT (critical race theory) and that we just follow the Money?!


pudd - Okay, let's actually address why CRT is vital - FAUX News has mentioned “critical race theory” over 1,400 in less than five months. Why? Because critical race theory (CRT) has become a new boogie man for people unwilling to acknowledge our country’s racist history and how it impacts the present.

To understand why CRT has become such a flash point in the culture, it is important to understand what it is and what it is not. Opponents fear that CRT admonishes all white people for being oppressors while classifying all Black people as hopelessly oppressed victims. These fears have spurred school boards and state legislatures from Tennessee to Idaho to ban teachings about racism in classrooms. However, there is a fundamental problem: these narratives about CRT are gross exaggerations of the theoretical framework. The broad brush that is being applied to CRT is puzzling to academics, including scholars who coined and advanced the framework.

CRT does not attribute racism to white people as individuals or even to entire groups of people. Simply put, critical race theory states that U.S. social institutions (e.g., the criminal justice system, education system, labor market, housing market, and healthcare system) are laced with racism embedded in laws, regulations, rules, and procedures that lead to differential outcomes based on race. Sociologists have long noted that racism can exist without racists. However, many Americans are not able to separate their individual identity as an American from the social institutions that govern us—these people perceive themselves as the system. Consequently, they interpret calling social institutions racist as calling them racist personally. It speaks to how racial ideology is to American identity that some people just cannot separate the two. There are also people who may recognize America’s racist past but have bought into the false narrative that the U.S. is now an equitable democracy. They are simply unwilling to remove the blind spot obscuring the fact that America is still not great for everyone.

Scholars and activists who discuss CRT are not arguing that white people living now are to blame for what people did in the past. They are saying that white people living now have a moral responsibility to do something about how racism still currently impacts all of our lives. Policies attempting to suffocate this much-needed national conversation are an obstacle to the pursuit of an equitable democracy. Supporters of CRT bans quote Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s proclamation that individuals should be viewed by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin, completely ignoring the context of the quote and the true meaning behind it.

Some parents are worried about their kids learning things in school that they do not have the capacity to address. College students are upset at their schools, teachers, and even their parents. So, this is the conundrum: teachers in K-12 schools are not actually teaching CRT. But teachers are trying to respond to students asking them why people are protesting and why Black people are more likely to be killed by the police.

Ultimately, we cannot employ colorblind ideology in a society that is far from colorblind. Everyone sees it, whether they acknowledge it consciously or not. A a previous Brookings article on whether the U.S. is a racist country, systemic racism can explain racial disparities in police killings, COVID-19, and the devaluing of homes in Black neighborhoods. If we love America, we should want it to be the best it can be. Rather than run from the issue of racism in America, we should confront it head on. Our kids and country will be better for it.


[thumbup] BigB0b... Excellent Post!

X Ray

Apparently, you haven't read about Critical Race Theory, its origins, or where it's heading.

Critical race theory in schools:

Seattle Public Schools told teachers that the education system is guilty of “spirit murder” against black children and that white teachers must “bankrupt [their] privilege in acknowledgement of [their] thieved inheritance.”

San Diego Public Schools accused white teachers of being colonizers on stolen Native American land and told them “you are racist” and “you are upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies.” They recommended that the teachers undergo “antiracist therapy.”

A Cupertino, California, elementary school forced third-graders to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities, then rank themselves according to their “power and privilege.” They separated the eight-year-old children into oppressors and oppressed.

A middle school in Springfield, Missouri, forced teachers to locate themselves on an “oppression matrix,” claiming that white heterosexual Protestant males are inherently oppressors and must atone for their “covert white supremacy.”

A Philadelphia elementary school forced fifth-graders to celebrate “Black communism” and simulated a Black Power rally to “free Angela Davis” from prison. At this school, 87 percent of students will fail to achieve basic literacy by graduation.

Buffalo Public Schools taught students that “all white people” perpetuate systemic racism and forced kindergarteners to watch a video of dead black children warning them about “racist police and state-sanctioned violence” who might kill them at any time.

The Arizona Department of Education created an “equity” toolkit claiming that babies show the first signs of racism at three months old and that white children become full racists—”strongly biased in favor of whiteness”—by age five.

The California Department of Education passed an “ethnic studies” curriculum that calls for the “decolonization” of American society and has students chant to the Aztec god of human sacrifice. The solution, according to one author, is “countergenocide.”

North Carolina’s largest school district launched a campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces”—and encouraged teachers to subvert families and push the ideology of “antiracism” directly onto students without parental consent.

Santa Clara County Office of Education denounced the United States as a “parasitic system” based on the “invasion” of “white male settlers” and encouraged teachers to “cash in on kids’ inherent empathy” in order to recruit them into political activism.

Portland Public Schools trained children to become race-conscious revolutionaries by teaching that racism “infects the very structure(s) of our society,” and telling students to immerse themselves in “revolution.”

The principal of East Side Community School in New York sent white parents a “tool for action,” which tells them they must become “white traitors” and then advocate for full “white abolition.”

Students at the elite United Nations International School launched an anonymous social media campaign denouncing their teachers as “racists” and “oppressors”—and school administrators immediately caved to their demands.


X-Ray... I read your post, which suspiciously seemed to be of the "cut and paste" variety, but decided to try and discover more about the events you listed here. Most of them led me to Christopher F. Rufo, a conservative activist with some very bias perspectives. Of course if you agree with him, than you will find my evaluation of him incorrect. Most of what you have here is a distortion of the truth with events described out of context. Now I realize that we agree on very few issues, but I really thought you were a cut above the rest on here. I liked how you would seek to present a more rational argument based on more truth and less of the "highly questionable" that fills this comment section. Needless to say I'm disappointed. Also needless to say, I'm sure you could careless about my disappointment. In any case, in a country that is becoming more diverse everyday, it's time our young people have a discussion on these differences, such as race, gender, or sexual orientation. Intellectuals don't balk at this. They don't scream that someone is trying to shame them because their white or claim people of color are making excuses to get more "free-stuff." These are arguments that are for the ignorant masses that can be easily manipulated by political spin. The curricula that include CRT, is designed to open up a more robust discussion. For example, I will admit I did not read The 1619 Project completely, but what I did read I interpreted as a perspective where the writer was using historic events to try and support their hypothesis. This is commonly done in all perspectives. Even among reputable historians. there exist debate as to what is correct and what is not. Regardless, perhaps the most productive result will be the debate on how these historic events may have shaped the society we have today and what we may discover that will allow us to form an even stronger union going forward. This experience allows all young people to develop important skills that allow them to evaluate any issue with greater objectivity. However, for some reason, White Conservatives seem to find all this a direct assault on their "whiteness." Now personally, if people want to call me a racist since I'm white, feel free to do so. I'm very confident that isn't the case, nor do I feel guilty about what my ancestors may have or may have not done in the past. All I care about is who I am today. Having said that, it appears some white people find these perspectives in CRT to be accusations and are quite offended. Unfortunately, it makes me think "thou protest too much." My point is, if we are going to end this seemingly endless divide that continues to undermines who we can be as a people, than we need to not "white wash," no pun intended, how we got to where we are today, but embrace it so that we can do and be better. Something for everyone to think about.

X Ray

Davel3 - Each of these items that I've listed are "cut and paste" (as was Mr. BigBob's post that you lauded) and each has a linked source that I didn't provide (there are a lot more than this list). Regardless of what you think of Mr. Rufo that doesn't change the fact that these are true statements of true events that did happen. I'm against any philosophy that is racist and CRT is racist. It strives to divide people. It wants to segregate blacks from whites. There are good people of all colors and political persuasions that are against the teaching of CRT in schools, government, and businesses. Are all 13 examples out of context? Is there no truth to any of these? Can a white 3 month old baby be innately racist?


X-Ray... I didn't say there wasn't truth to these events, but upon further examination, I discovered that there were details left out. That is often the case when someone wants to cultivate a certain narrative. Regardless, my point in defense of CRT can be explained using a simple observation I've made over the years. I often see young children playing and interacting with each other in a positive manner without regard to their racial differences. In fact, I grew up in a mixed neighbor where I played with my black neighbor's children without a thought given to our differences until I heard an adult use the "N" word in a most disparaging way. I firmly believe that one learns to be "racist" by the influence of others. Without a robust discussion of racism, these learned behaviors go unchecked. Now, you may believe that CRT goes to far, and that's fine, but that's a discussion that should take place outside the realm of politics. That is the real problem I have with all this, as its merits should be discussed and resolved by educators. While we both can agree that statements like; "all white people are innately racist," are immensely shallow and can be offending to one on a personal basis, it's still nothing more than someone's perspective. There are extremes on both sides of the issue, and while I discount such as ignorance, people vote with these misconceptions, whether it be for school board members or congressional representatives. What we currently have with this CRT issue, is a situation that has created yet another political flash point, that is creating more of a divide among the races than including the perspectives of CRT in a curricular ever will. It's convenient for politicians who want to capture their voting blocks, but it doesn't address the issue or seek a solution. The topic has become far to divisive which unfortunately has become the "norm" with every issue we face. I have attached a couple of link that I thought summed up the situation rather well. Good talking with you.


BB... Now that you feel better after that tirade on CR "THEORY"!

You say, Ultimately, we cannot employ colorblind ideology in a society that is far from colorblind!

How can we not be colorblind when your "GOOD" and I'm "BAD" are being shoved at you at a suffocating pace!

You say teachers are trying to respond to students asking them why people are protesting and why Black people are more likely to be killed by the police??

Do you honestly think a child would ask a teacher that question without being prompted?

The teachers need to respond to a "real" question like, Why aren't we protesting about our black people killing each other???

Why are our babies dying in the streets???

Sorry, I got sidetracked, back to CRT...

All the money being made off the books, seminars, lectures, and forced indoctrination classes on how not to be a white racist!!!

I'll say it again, follow the MONEY!!!

X Ray

The FBI does not have jurisdiction over state or local matters. The only way they can stretch their authority to include school board meeting speakers is to classify those who do make threats as "domestic terrorists." The reason this was announced by the DOJ was to have a "chilling effect" on those speaking against the racist indoctrination of critical race theory (created by neo-Marxists), white privilege/fragility, equity, and the Black Lives Matter scam that has infiltrated universities and secondary schools.

Just to be clear, I'm against those that make threats of violence or death to others and I wish leftists would share my view concerning threats and violence.


Kandi... There's a difference in speaking out, and doing so without civility. There's a difference in voicing your opinion, and making death threats. There's a difference in making your voice heard, and violently harassing school board officials outside of a public forum. Where is that law and order thing you're always talking about? Oh wait... That only applies to those you disagree with. Kindly give us a break for a week or two. The whole "the country is coming to an end" rhetoric is only in your mind that is filled with an overabundance of misconceptions, misguided prejudices, unfounded conspiracies, falsehoods, and gross exaggerations. Perhaps, you're the one who should open their eyes.


Thank you Kandi!


simple - For what? Posting utter BS in our newspaper - again? As I said, simply because this insane loser writes a letter the editor does not have to publish it.



Halloween is coming.

Kandi, who will you dress as?

Kelli Ward?



RO- Now that would be one scary costume![wink]


Talking to yourself again BigBob? You know a “slip personality” is not a good thing, it’s a symptom of mental illness. And with all the other symptoms you present with, it’s a cinch that you have problems! You should see someone, a psychiatrist who can prescribe meds to control these symptoms? Perhaps your pal Davel? can point out a local medical professional who can help? He could claim you as a “referral” and get a discount on his next appointment! [thumbup][whistling][tongue][wink] Deaton


[thumbup] RobertsonO... Too funny! But she probably doesn't celebrate Halloween because it goes against her Evangelical beliefs. Yes, she has the whole "right-wing"

insanity thing going. That should be enough to frighten any rational person without the need for a costume.


Davel3, moving west to AZ when I retired seems like I've entered the Twilight Zone where people are utterly irrational and insanely under educated. Raised eyebrows SMH


You’re not fooling anyone BigBob, you moved east to AZ, from southern La La land! You’re also not fooling anyone with the RobertsonO “ruse”! However, the best news I’ve heard all month is that you got the BOOT and will be leaving for parts unknown, don’t forget the pack your “shrapnel” [thumbup][whistling][rolleyes][wink] Deaton

Vince Gors

Thank-You!!! All the Supporters of allowing this Senile Evil Puppet into office you are getting what you Deserve.

This is Not over and now the only Question = What's Next?


vinnie, You sad little man. The "Senile Evil Puppet" (Putin's b***h) was the twice-impeached, lying POS the American people voted out and replaced with President Biden who is working diligently to bring our nation back from the horrors inflicted on us by the fool.


BB... I thought Hillary was Putin's (b***h)?

Or was Putin Hillary's (b***h)?

Since it was her dime paying the (b***hee) or the ("b***hor")?!

Or... does this now make Biden the Democratic party's (b***hee)?!

Also, I really don't think Biden's a "Senile Evil Puppet" he's just a "Senile Puppet" !!!


Look at this, our local nut-case is now in favor of school boards, teachers, et al being terrorized by right-wing lunatics. Good job, Kandi. Editor. simply because this moron sends you a letter doesn't mean you have to print it!

Too old for this

Why do you object to parents exercising their rights to question school boards? If only more parents would get involved with their children's school and after-school activities, we would all be better off. Everyone who questions Critical Racism Theory is not a right-wing lunatic at all. Everyone who blindly accepts any race based education process is doing harm to their children and the children of their neighbors. Uncle Sam is not always right, you know.


twosie - I have no problem with sane people properly addressing our school boards. What I object to are right-wing loon, idiot-fringe morons screaming at and threatening board member with physical harm all across our nation. Be civil or shut the f@@k up!

Third Eye

The issue is you have Proud Boys showing up to these meetings casting racial slurs and anti-lgtbq comments. They aren't there to discuss anything, its their way or violence. We are going to see this country end shortly if we don't get a handle on this. It will start at a school board meeting and once taken over will embolden the rest of the lunatic republikkkan and QOP nazis.


Oh look, BigBob is trying to boss the “editor” around now! Like you said one time BigBob it risky taking on someone who buys ink in barrel quantities? However, I think Mr. Bowers has a mind of his own and will print what he see is worthwhile, he doesn’t need directions from you BB! [thumbdown][huh][wink] Deaton

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