Editor: I just finished reading Michelle Malkin’s newest book, “Open Borders, Inc. Who’s Funding America’s Destruction!” It’s an eye-opener and I encourage anyone with an open mind to read it. Bottom line: We’re being played by DC politicians on both sides of the aisle. And our tax dollars are going to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations in the form of grants to his many satellite “humanitarian” interests - a conglomerate of open borders groups working against immigration laws in America. If you’re not for open borders, you may be angry that your tax dollars are still going to organizations conspiring against American sovereignty. Soros is like a spider at the center of its web, waiting to kill its prey. He’s after the biggest prize of all - the United States.

While DC politicians, liberals, and the national media scream impeachment nonsense, the behind-the-scenes global network of drug runners and human traffikers is hard at work. It’s big money for them. Do you wonder why DC politicians have never authorized funds to build a real southern border wall?

They’ve been using this talking point for decades at the expense of American and illegal immigrants’ lives.

President Trump - at his Minneapolis rally - said he knew there was corruption in DC but he didn’t realize how pervasive it was until he arrived at the White House and the bowels of hell opened up against him.

I’m calling on our elected representatives to take a long, hard look at Soros’ global network - and you should, too.

Democrats, Independents, Republicans need to vote compromised politicians out of office. President Trump can’t be bought off with Soros’ money - he’s already rich. That’s why they’re after him.

We need to support and re-elect Trump in 2020. If Democrats win, our country is in dire trouble. Read the book and follow the money!

Kandi Finfrock

Lake Havasu City


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Mr Lemons

Kandi, thanks for giving us your opinion.


Well you know what thy say about opinions, much like AHs every body has one.


Your opinions are unfortunately mentally flawed beyond comprehension.


Says the pathetic loser who actually paid to go eat pizza at Loserpalooza and thinks members of Congress can be impeached.


Yep, you included.


Things are not going well for the lying, draft-dodging, racist, coward. Just last week -

1) A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld a lower court decision, ruling that Congress can see eight years of Trump’s business records held by his accounting firm, Mazars USA. The House Oversight Committee had subpoenaed the records after the president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen (currently in jail) testified Trump had exaggerated his wealth when applying for loans, which is a crime.

2) U.S. District Court Judge George Daniels of the Southern District of New York issued a nationwide injunction blocking a Trump administration rule set to take effect next week that would have made it easier to deny green cards and visas to immigrants who cannot show they will not require public assistance. After the administration announced the new rule, nearly a dozen states filed suit to block it.

3) U.S. District Court Judge David Briones, in the Western District of Texas, ruled that the declaration of a national emergency under which Trump diverted funds from other agencies to construct a Mexico border wall was unlawful. The decision found the law “expressly forbids” a president from using money allocated by Congress for any other purpose than was originally set forth.


Howdy, you were undoubtedly bullied in your younger years; most likely shoved around in school. Years later, safely sitting behind a keyboard, you bully anyone (especially women) that doesn't agree with your flawed thoughts. I suppose that makes you feel vindicated. Sad! I looked back through your posts. So many repulsive names you called people. So many folks you discouraged from using this forum. Sad as well!


Nope was never bullied - why do you lie? I am an "equal opportunity" reporter when it comes to pointing out the idiocy of others and I am sure my record leans stronger towards moronic men then women. And vindication has nothing to do with reporting the truth and the facts - truth and facts fools like you NEVER seem to have the guts to try and prove incorrect. And if anyone has been discouraged from using this forum it is because they cannot back up their trash or even defend the low-life scum squatting in our White House.


Name calling: A form of bullying according to the NEA. You don't want that reputation do you, Howdy? I don't expect an apology but perhaps you should give Kandi one.


Ahh, Simple, so concerned with my reputation? Do you honestly think I care about what morons think of me? My charge is to expose fools, morons and idiots and I suppose "name calling" (actually an expression of the facts) goes with the job.


One again Simple, a fool, agrees with another fool.


Anyone reading anything written by that hateful Malkin is truly living in an alternate universe full of lies, innuendo and conspiracy trash. As to this, "President Trump - at his Minneapolis rally - said he knew there was corruption in DC..." and he is the head snake of corruption in our nation. This low-life, loser cannot be gotten rid of soon enough.And don't count on being able to vote for the scum in 2020 - he'll be lucky to not be in prison.


Thank you Kandi! You always tell it like it is.

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