Editor: I read with interest the column written by Diana Asseier, retiring LHUSD Superintendent. It seems as if she is strong enough to resist the liberal demands on how to educate our children, thank God. She believes in factual knowledge, critical thinking, and personal character. I applaud her and can only hope the next LHUSD Superintendent feels the same way.

I hear there is a push to implement the 1619 Project into our school curriculum. If this is the case, turn it down and challenge the content. The author of this curriculum, Nikole Hannah Jones, a Black author and educator, has written that, “The white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world.” She also wrote, “The descendants of these savage (white) people pump drugs and guns into the Black community, pack Black people into the squalor of segregated urban ghettos, and continue to be bloodsuckers in our community.” If she were white and speaking of the black community, Ms. Jones would be condemned as one of the biggest racists in American history. Instead, she received a Pulitzer Prize. The hard left wants to lead America but hates it’s very core. The rioters are so misguided, it makes me cry.

The 1919 Project curriculum presents a warped view of America, the white race, and slavery in America. If this is what is being taught in some American schools and universities, it’s no wonder that there is rioting, looting, burning of businesses, and defacing and destroying America’s monuments. These kids really do want to erase America and start over. I suggest an alternative curriculum by Bob Woodson, a civil rights activist who marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King in the 1960’s. Dr. Woodson realizes that the 1619 Project presents a warped sense of America. His alternative curriculum is the 1776 Project, a factual representation of America’s quest to defeat the scourge of slavery and racism. I urge all parents to learn what the schools are teaching your children. Is it factual or is it a warped version of our history?

If we continue to allow the mayhem, America will be forever changed or put on the ash heap of history, where it does not belong. America is the greatest nation in the world, warts and all, and deserves the respect our forefathers died to protect. Our founders were not perfect, but then, who is? We have come a long way in the elimination of racism, but the radical left wants to perpetuate that stain on America, even if it means ruining the country in the process.

Kandi Finfrock

Lake Havasu City


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Phyllis Maria

I agree with the spirit of this article, and would encourage you to come and hear Gordon Woods and other great historians at this July 4th event hosted by the World Socialist Web Site. Saturday, July 4, 1:30 PM US EDT

The Place of the Two American Revolutions in the Past, Present and Future

A July 4th discussion with historians Victoria Bynum, Clayborne Carson, Richard Carwardine, James Oakes and Gordon Wood. Moderated by Kings College professor Tom Mackaman and WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North.



I honestly didn't know much about Nikole Hannah Jones other than she won a Pulitzer Prize while working for the New York Times. Kandi's letter to the editor sparked my interest. The only information I could find regarding the 1619 Project were articles from sources that lean very much to the "Right." I always take everything with a grain of salt whether it comes from an extreme left or right source, but if what they say about Jones is true, than her ideas and opinions are to extreme to solve the racial divide in a country with so many different positions on race to begin with. Reparations are not something I believe in unless we are talking about helping Black Americans move their way out of poverty through education, opportunity, and living conditions. I do believe their chances have been stifled and we should as Americans, of any color, want to help our fellow citizens achieve their best, however, for many like myself who's parent and grandparents were born in another country, its hard to feel responsible in the way that Ms. Jones claims I should. Having said that, Bob Woodson I'm more familiar with and he essentially believes that the problems of the black community are of their own making. I don't agree with that and I find it interesting that often when a conservative white person wants to use a black person on the topic of race to support their theory, it is often one than thinks the same as them. I think this is the case with Kandi, Woodson being a common guest on Fox News. Now the real question I have is, how does Kandi think trading one extreme for the other solves a curriculum problem. I know many on the "Right" are not pleased with our education system as they want the education system to teach in a way that serves their narrative. Personally, I think a good education system puts everything out there, unedited and without prejudice, so that young minds can develop by drawing their own conclusions. I'm open to what everyone else thinks on this.


Davel2. I agree with you on most of you comment. We have policies in place that promote the ideology of racism. Minority owned business incentives, Affirmative action not to mention the college system for minority's in place. That being said we have debated this in the past few days. You/we have to come back to life choices and life decision that have consequences. When all can see the significance of this color has no meaning unless you're told/taught your manipulated or brain washed in to thinking your failures are because of color. We fail and everyone will fail what the journey is how you picked yourself up. What we are witnessing right now is indoctrination. they tell tail sign is that it is condoned. one example, Look at Chop/Chaze the Mayor called it a Love zone Defund the Police. Hmmm If only we were teaching our kids Morals respect and life skills Positive thinking to achieve goals. History is History. Your right our Education has failed!


DAvel2, You make some very good points in your response. The only reason someone would have a problem with teaching the cold hard facts of American history is because they do not want to let go of the unwritten privileges that they have enjoyed. The right has constantly pushed to control the narrative in schools to further their white history and to even try to put their religion in place too.

These attempts are one of the reasons that our forefathers built our great nation on the concept of separation of church and state, true religious freedom.

Bit of course the right worships a flag hugging dictator, cherishes the losers of the civil war and can't even come together as a nation to wear a mask to protect other Americans during a public health crisis. Yes, they are "true" patriots.... just ask them. Putin is very proud of each and every one of them.


HG. Sure you just jump down on your knees and take it like a true white privileged freedom fighter. People like you are the problem

You wouldn't know a Patriot if you were on your knees worshiping one!


Oh deaton, nothing to add, just insults like your messiah. Try some critical thinking for once. Examine the enormous amount of information out there or just keep watching faux news and beat the drum.


You got it, Proudindi “just insults”! Don’t like them, don’t read them! ‘Cause that’s all we get from you and the others of the “Three Amigos”! Also, there not much thinking, critical or otherwise, with you lefty loons + 1! Sorry, I forgot the “Twit” Davel2 Your newest loon! Now bring on the name calling, I love it! Oh by the way did you get your “pension” thing worked out? I hope so, maybe you can quit gripping about mine? [thumbup][tongue_smile] Deaton


deaton... I'm flattered that you didn't forget the "newest loon" and "Twit," but I noticed in the last week or two, that when we stopped with the name calling or sarcastic comments it led to some robust conversations. Some of us even found some areas where we had common ground and that we can disagree without burning down the house. There is no sense in a comment section like this if all we are going to do is insult each other. Try it soldier. Join the conversation in good spirits and see how it goes.


Hey Twit, not a chance, as long as “BigBob” Is here abusing, insulting and denigrating everyone with a view that’s not far far left! I’ll be here insulting and denigrating him too. Good for you if you’ve “even found some areas where we had common ground and that we can disagree without burning down the house”. I have nothing to discuss with you until you climb down from your “high horse” with your “oh so superior” condescending attitude. But I suspect that’s going to be impossible, because I have nothing in common to discuss with self described “Democrat Socialist” [thumbup][huh] Deaton


deaton... That's to bad. With that attitude it's easy to understand why we are in the current state of affairs. Can't say I didn't try.


Proud - If you are getting tired of that guy you're responding to might I suggest that you install turd blocker on your computer. It's a great program that blocks turd-like responses like the ones that dunton is famous for. He never has anything of substance to add to a conversation and can only conjure up middle school insults when he's backed into a corner by other's intelligent posts.

I've been using it for months now and I no longer have to read the unhinged and unintelligent ramblings of that guy...

Clean up your day, the turd blocker way!


Yup, HavasuGuy [batman] that T-blocker works so well for you? But you forgot to mention the upgrade Ver. 2.0.1 with in app purchases to remove the ads! [thumbdown][tongue] Deaton


I see I am not alone in not knowing if it is 1619 or 1919.

Mr Lemons

I also enjoyed Diana Asseier's opinion piece on the education of our children. Especially, her reference to Dr. Jordan Peterson. Through her efforts and Mr. Brett Bitterman (principal) we now have Oro Grande Classical Academy which focuses on giving our children a classical education while instilling in them values such as personal responsibility and even manners.


Kandi...you would make an excellent school board member. Excellent observation about Superintendent Asseier and the great distortions in Project 1619.


Your first comment in three years defends Kandi? Not that is some fumy stuff!


Oh, look at rovR**, that fool is still “hiding Easter eggs” and it’s almost July? He’s setting a might poor example as the “Spelling & Grammar” cop! I wonder if he’ll “rap himself on the knuckles” with a wooden ruler? [thumbup][love] Deaton


Well, which is it, "the 1619 project" or "the 1919 project?"


I don’t know rovR**, which is it? Your the only one hear that reads “fake news” in the “New York Times” [thumbdown][whistling] Deaton

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