Editor: Up until now, with the COVID-19 pandemonium, what have we learned? Skipping over the lying and politicizing of a serious situation, the bottom line is we got caught with our pants down. Bio-warfare is nothing new, but as technology has advanced, so has biogenetics.

According to who you listen to, the COVID-19 isn’t much worse than the normal influenza’s we see every year targeting the same kind of people, mostly those with challenged immune systems. The point I want to make is we weren’t prepared for such a bio-event. Believe it or not, we have countries that don’t like us and hope to destroy us. The next bio-attack could be a lot worse and more deadly. We, as a society, are not trained to deal with bio-warfare, people buying toilet paper for a respiratory disease is a good indication. I would like to think that our government could come up with some guidelines so the common citizen would have an idea of what to have on hand (i.e. two week supply of food, water, and medicines) and what to do and not do should the situation arise. Remember the Boy Scout motto,..”Be prepared."

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City


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Yes, we should always remember the Boy Scout motto during good times and bad.

Dawn King

Simon, please don't give Mr. Krueger an ounce of credibility. The problem is, old Kurt doesn't know what he doesn't know. A couple weeks ago he wrongfully stated with authority that the "19" in covid-19 represented the 19th "version" of the coronavirus. And he's still babbling on that "according to who you listen to" covid-19 "isn't much worse than the normal influenza." The reality is that it is way worse because we don't have a vaccine for it! Now, he's bloviating about this pandemic being a form of bio-warfare. It's not, Kurt. No matter how much you want to spread conspiracy theories, this is a virus, and an out of control one at that.

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