Editor: Just a couple things. When I got up this morning, I played back the Tucker Carlson Show. According to a very white author, Robin Diangelo, and her book White Fragility, just because I’m white, I’m a racist (news to me), a white supremacist (didn’t know I had super powers), I have white privilege (still waiting for that), I’m a xenophobe (wrong, I like Xena), I’m a homophobe (prove it), I’m an Islamophobe (a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons), and I don’t support Black Lives Matter (right, I support “all lives matter”). I’m not out of bed yet and I’m all these things? Well, if I can quote Rhett Butler from “Gone with the Wind”, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

I’d also like to know, with the pandemic mania, what is going to happen when the flu season gets here? Are we going to spend the rest of our lives wearing masks? Are we going to have to listen to news reporters wearing masks sound like Kenny from South Park? At what point in time can we finally say “enough of this” since viruses and bacteria aren’t going away anytime soon. Oh, I know, when the New York Times headline says “Humanity on Earth Dies of Covid-19...cats and dogs protest” see page 5.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City


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I'm late to the show, but I see a lot of Letters to the Editor here where they talk about something they saw on Fox News. You would think people would expand their intake of information before sharing their views and opinions with the whole town. Perhaps use sources for your outrage that are presented more intellectually and are respected. I know this is Lake Havasu with many like-minded individuals, but a letter to the editor is still a little bit more than just making a comment under a silly alias. Shows on Fox News are slanted to the far right and designed to put out a narrative they think their audience wants to hear. I am sure Tucker picked that book to outrage his audience and soon we will likely be hearing a call for its censorship, a favorite rallying cry for the right when they don't agree with something. This particular Tucker Carlson segment served no purpose but to expand the racial divide and move the needle closer to a black versus white issue which is obviously becoming what some want to make it about. The end result is people get angry and lose focus of the actual issue that got us here in the first place. As a liberal minded individual, I would be embarrassed to write a Letter to the Editor and speak about something I saw on MSNBC, but Fox viewers, they just have no shame. Kurt, if you actually don't give a damn, then why were you so moved to send a letter to the editor? Perhaps out of anger after watching the segment as that was what it was intended to do. And then to end your rant complaining about mask. You really got the whole Fox News thing going don't you. I wouldn't call others a "Moron" so quickly, at least without taking stock of myself first.


Dang, where are those rubber hip waders when you need them, the “condescension” and over blown “rhetoric” is getting deep in here! The Twit has worked himself into lather and is “hot under the collar” with all those alleged lies being broadcast at Fox News. I’m sure he’s thinking these low class, deplorable, gun toting, fly-overs actually believes what is broadcast by “Faux News” and must be stopped! [thumbdown][censored] Deaton




Yea woke up and listened to Tucker Carlson, that says it all. The angry little entitled white guy. Look what you all have become, don't believe the scientist, don't believe the doctors, just believe in the egotistical narcissist.


PI - I salute your ability to watch any of the fools on the propaganda network. I know I'm a Liberal/Socialist who believes more in science and medical professionals over uneducated right wing loons on TV (or in the White House), but I just can't fathom anyone paying any attention to the impeached loon or any right-wing shouting head. Just how stupid do you have to be to buy into any of that garbage?


rovR**, BB, BigBob the Great or whatever “handle” you’re hiding behind today, you watch “Faux News” all the time? How else would you know what their saying, which you spend much of your time “quoting” and denigrating? So look in the mirror and give yourself a “salute” and a big “attaboy”! I hate to be a snitch, but your Boy Davel2 the Twit was trying to sidle up to me and make friends again? I think you’re going have to jerk him around a bit and get his mind “right”! He needs to know that “consorting with the enemy” is a serous offense! HooRah jarhead, [thumbup][love] Deaton


He watched a show that provided information from an Italian American with a PHD! PI, the narcissist here is you and the beloved BB! Don’t get it twisted !


One thing we know about C/F’s is they are unable to ever post the truth. Carlson was born Tucker McNear Carlson in San Francisco, California and is the son of Richard Warner Carlson, a reporter who became the director of the Voice of America, president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the U.S. Ambassador to the Seychelles.

His family moved to La Jolla, CA when Tucker was in the first grade where he attended La Jolla Country Day School and grew up in a home overlooking the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club.

Tucker does not hold a PHD. He attained his secondary education at St. George's School, a private boarding school in Middletown, Rhode Island. He then went to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where he graduated in 1991 with a BA in history. He was rejected by the CIA.


rovR** your cognitive abilities are about as “foggy” as dementia Joe’s? It’s obvious that “Your W” was referring to a guest that Carlson was interviewing. Just about everyone knows that Carlson had a “blue blood” youth and education. Unlike, Davel2 “the Twit, Carlson has overcome those disadvantages and became a moral, patriotic American, who believes in our Constitution as written. “Your W” is completely correct in observing that you, HG[batman], Proudindi and the other loon RESIST are the narcissists here. C’ya [thumbup][love] Deaton

Mr Lemons

Funny. And mostly true!


OD, BB, HG, assuming you all are white, Robin Diangelo's book defines you all too and me. Doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on.

Objective Dialectic

Pure ignorance


You're so funny - coming here and verifying every fact that we all know about you including your ignorance about COVID19 and the flu.


BigBob - [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Sorry 3 👍👍👍!


“BB” what is the difference between COVID-19 and the flu? I’ve read some things but just curious what such an intelligent all knowing guy like yourself has to offer!


So........hmmm.lol , again you have nothing but 2👍👍 up from you’re little buddy!!!

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