Editor: Recently I asked the question, “what is wrong with the America first concept”? I commend a recent writer for answering saying “it’s isolationism.” However, I must disagree with her. In my circle the answer is “we’re not going to be screwed anymore.” According to the US Census Bureau, we import $420.1B from the EU and they import $237.9B from the US. A $182.1B deficit. In trading with China, China has a habit of changing the value of their currency and we get ripped off. As of July 2022, we imported $46.7B from China. They imported $12.3B from the US. A trade deficit of $34.4B. We hand out money to other countries like it grows on trees and what do we get in return? We pay other countries to be our friends and I believe that is prostitution. This is just a small example.

Trump owns a lot of property around the world. He has built around the world. He knows about buying and selling, product lines and quality, and companies who are reliable and worthy of our business. He is also known for getting things done before deadline and under cost when it comes to building.


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Nice Try

So 2020.

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