Editor: I am disagreeing with vaccine passports. I have already covered negative results from facemasks that are all but an enforced mandate from our government. I feel the same about these covid vaccines.

As of now, the Food and Drug Administration has not fully approved of them since they fall under an emergency situation. Some countries in Europe have stopped the use of some of them. Some studies suggest these shots may affect pregnancies.

Some people have died from blood clots shortly after receiving the shot. You also have people with immunity disorders that could be in danger from taking the shot. You also have people like me, a naturalist. I prefer natural remedies first. When the covid became an issue, I did my own research to find what would benefit my body. It paid off. According to the CDC, the 20-49 yr old age group has a 99.98% chance of recovery. The 50-69 age group has a 99.5% chance. The 70 and above have a 94.6% chance. Why are we locked up or locked out with these ratings?

According to the CDC, the estimated deaths from the flu in the 2019-2020 seasons were 22,000. There were also about 400,000 hospitalizations. In addition, that was out of 30,000,000 illnesses. Were flu shot passports needed to go into a business or football game? Are you going to discriminate against those who are healthy and do not want the shot or those who are medically at risk? If you want herd immunity, let it take its course naturally and protect the venerable.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City


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Kurt, you're bursting Lit'l Bobber's bubble with your stats and facts. Healthy, fit people should continue to go about life. Bob is not so that makes you the enemy of his narrative. That is so sad.


Its all about liberal control.

Objective Dialectic



So sad to see the massive ignorance and misinformation passed along in these pages.

Deplorable Neanderthal

Ya, you do it daily...



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