Editor: In response to the “Wake up, vax deniers” letter, I would like to state my case.

First of all, I and many others are fed up with the self-ordained mask marshals telling us what to do. I’ve had covid, didn’t know it, and four days after I tested positive, I was cleared by the health department.

According to the medical entities I listen to (not politicians or military people), I’m 27% more resistant than those who are vaxed and I don’t have to have boosters. My lady also had it, recovered, and was told by her doctor not to take the vaccine due to a medical condition or it could kill her.

If someone feels they need the vaccine, go for it, knock yourselves out. For those that had the shot, I can’t infect them, politicians said so. So, why is the author worried about me? He’s never worried about me before, why now? If he’s really worried about me, he should buy me a restored ’64 Corvette Stingray and I’ll think about the shot after.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City


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Davel3: we need vaccine passports and mandates, sounds just like a communist believer to me. Just when did you start caring about what other people do with their lives. What are your concerns about all of the people who are hooked on drugs. There are people dying everyday from some sort of drug overdose. What about all the homeless people including veterans that are suffering from PTSD. Do you have the same outrage agaisnt the government for not taking care of them. This covid virus has completely taken over our daily conversation with no real answers. The politicians have used it to create major division between the people. It's a shame that this topic has overshadowed the Afghanistan and border crisis's. But I think this is by design. The currant administration wants to put those disasters in the rear view mirror and sadly the all adoring press is following in lockstep. Anyway anyone who worships Bernie Sanders must have a screw loose and should join him and move to Russia.


So it’s not that you object to the vaccine, it’s that no one has offered you enough money. That’s not conscience, that’s greed. Nice that you and your significant other recovered. Others you infected may not have. You’re little better than a drunk driver. Also, studies have shown that even those who have had COVID benefit from a booster. And the study you seem to be referencing studied only the Pfizer vaccine. And case fatality rate is closer to 3.5%. And that does not account for COVID long haulers.


[thumbup][thumbup] NotatouristIlivehere ... Thank you. Liked your comment the other day too. Sadly and as you stated, COVID is not on the decline in Mohave County. In colder months, people gather indoors and this is a risk for further transmission of the virus especially in areas where there are low vaccination rates... and where are we headed? I wish people for their own good and the good of others, would take the politics out of this and just follow the "real" Science.


Thanks, Davel3. Last year, cases really started to surge again in early to mid-November, Hopefully, at least a few more people will re-consider their choices before then.


Kurt... You still can get the virus and infect others. Vaccinated people, or those that actually do have antibodies are less likely to do such, but there exist plenty of recorded cases that support my claim. Perhaps you should double-check what you think you know for you wife's sake. You should still ware a mask in crowds despite your distaste for "Mask Marshals." The problem is far too many are still dying from this virus, and this is because far too many are not vaccinated. I understand how an extreme "right-wind" Patriot like yourself can find this type of thinking totality abstract, but yes, there are many people who care about the well-being of others they don't even know. We need vaccine passports and mandates, less excuses, and something more reliable than, one can only imagine, the "Medical Entities" you listen to that allow you to claim you are 27% more immune than the vaccinated.

Third Eye

We are all in a leaky life boat, with half the passengers actively trying to poke holes in it.




kurt - No one is actually worried about you; in fact no one cares if you live or die. As to being “worried” the concern is that you may be a carrier roaming about mask-less infecting God knows how many people, much like Typhoid Mary.

Too old for this

Your concern is a bit much for a virus with a mortality rate of about 2% don't you think?


twosie - It's always fun to watch these morons who think the deaths of more than 715,000 American men, women and children is no big deal. You are one extremely sick puppy!


Gotta consider that your number of deaths is probably grossly inflated. Also, the absolute number is inconsequential but it sounds very impressive when trying to influence the easily influenced. The only thing that really matters is the mortality rate, which is less than 2 percent.


Too old for this... Even if the mortality rate was 2%, that percentage of 330 million

Americans is a great number of people. Especially when we know how to stop this virus. Don't you think?

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