Editor: I think it is wrong to take down confederate statues. You are stealing the south’s history. Why not put up statues of famous black leaders next to all the confederate leaders such as Martin Luther King next to Jefferson Davis. That blends the black and white and the old and the new. Keep the base names, northern states have bases named for northern generals such as Fort Meade, Md., and all these bases are down south where these generals fought for four years (1861-1865).

Kurt Schmoll

Lake Havasu City


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After today, any "clown" caught defacing a statue can and most likely will be proscecuted. Ten years in the slammer for misuse of Krylon seems about right.


YES! Remove those false idols from America, the land that God has Blessed!


I wonder if the "left up to" would include communities that feel displaying swastikas on flags flying from lampposts is in their community interest? Once again traitorous losers who declared war on the United States of America don't deserve statues, monuments or plagues.

Mr Lemons

Whether statues or any other commemorative items are removed or not should be left up to the citizens of a city, county, state, or country. It's definitely not up to Marxist mobs to determine. They should be arrested and tried in a court of law.


Nope, losers don't get statues, monuments or plagues. Losers can put their "history" in museums or preferably rest rooms. These people deserve no recognition. They were all traitors as they declared war and took up arms against our nation. As to their Flag, the only one that is acceptable to me is the white banner of surrender.

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