Editor: Fred Barber’s Aug. 27 letter about leprosy deserves a response. For your information, the law that Obama signed in 2019 was a bill that Congress and the Senate passed overwhelmingly. The bill has nothing to do with what Barber reported. The bill that was signed entitled The Kalaupapa Memorial Act authorized Hawaiian community of Kalaupapa to establish a Memorial listing those 8,000 people that were sent to the peninsula because of government policies in 1866. It is just a memorial.

There were two cases reported of children having leprosy in 2016. Today leprosy, which is not easily transmitted, can be cured with antibiotic treatment. I saw that you got your information from “The Gateway,” which is a regular source and spreader of false information. Their allegations can easy be checked. Just look up the bill on your computer and you will see exactly what it was. California is not such a bad place to live. You need to check out your sources for truth in reporting and not be so susceptible to red-flag hysterical scare-tactic journalism.

Lisa Hinman

Lake Havasu City


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Oh dear, Lisa. You will now endure the ire of the intellectually challenged.


Quite the contrary Rovr, Ms. Hinman’s letter is factual with regard to “Leprosy” and it’s successful treatment with antibiotics. There are reports of the disease reappearing in the squalor of the Los Angeles “Homeless” crisis. Also, I quite agree with her, that like MSNBC and CNN the “Gateway Pundit” and “Alex Jones” are not to be trusted for “fact based news” Have a great day Rovr! [thumbup][beam]


I believe the only one here that is intellectually challenged would the Rovr.


"HwyRovr" - "...would BE the..."



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