Editor: Trump’s national emergency is not a legitimate emergency. It’s a scheme to build a wall motivated by his wish to satisfy his promise to his political base. Any new funding for border security is better spent on new technology for surveillance along our border and upgrades at our ports of entry rather than a new rigid barrier that can eventually be overcome and made obsolete. Trump is being unconstitutional in his attempt to by-pass the constitutional authority of Congress to find unauthorized funding for his wall. Congressional budgetary powers are spelled out and sharply limited to the congressional branch of government by the Constitution. Congress controls the purse. Funding for the national emergency declaration by Trump plans to divert previously authorized funds from other legitimate congressional approved allocations previously made by Congress for a border wall. Trump plans to take roughly $6 billion from the Defense Department and millions more from Medicaid and other sources for a wall that is not even needed. This funding overreach violates his authority. Trump properly signed into law the bipartisan Consolidated Appropriations Act, which capped wall funding at $1.4 billion. By using the National Emergencies Act to boost the figure to over $8 billion, Trump is attempting to excerpt the new law. This is a dangerous presidential action that may have dire constitutional ramifications in the future. All members of Congress, regardless of party, need to stand strong in opposition on this issue.

Lisa Hinman

Lake Havasu City


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Once again - Remember these points and only these points – 1) There is no “border crisis,” 2) There is no NATIONAL EMERGENCY, 3) There will be no Ego Edifice – period, 4) Walls do not work and 5) "MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL! Once again, “MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL!" For the truly stupid supporters of the lying draft dodger, "MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL!" Anything else – even one thin dime of taxpayer money - is unacceptable. The people of the United States of America DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR A STUPID WALL! The only crisis in America is an ignorant, petulant, man-child squatting in our White House.

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