Editor: I wanted to share two observations that really confuse me.

1. Only in America can you go to jail for cheating to get your kids into college but if you come into this country illegally, you get free college and free health care.

2. The pregnant teenagers or new mothers that come into America illegally and complain about their treatment remind me of the boy that killed both of his parents and then complained that he was an orphan.

I am a naturalized citizen that came the legal way.

Liz Steele

Lake Havasu City


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"...if you come into this country illegally, you get free college and free health care." FAUX news is not your friend.


Exactly Rovr, a precisely stated reason that President Trump will be re-elected on Nov. 3, 2020 to his second term. When that happens what will you lefty’s do with RBG age 86, and S. Breyer age 80? Do you believe they can hold out until 2025? [beam] I don’t think so! With two more Trump nominations to SCOTUS the judicial legislation issued in June for the last fifty years will end!!! [thumbup][thumbup]


You just explained why Trump can't win in 2020. The damage would extend beyond his 4 years and it would impact America for a couple of generations more. We need term limits for the Supreme Court and Congress! The Supreme Court should not be a political tool for life long politicians...


HG. you state "Why Trump can't win in 2020". I believe that is wishful thinking on your part. But 23 or 24 in the 2020 "Clown Bus" on display during the first Dim debate who raised their hands on the question of supporting health care, at taxpayer expense, to all illegal aliens. I believe that "show of hands" will almost assure that your "wishful" thinking will NEVER come to pass!


I doubt very seriously that people are going to vote for anyone that would support any program that will raise taxes. I also seem to remember some democrats were concerned that none of the democrat candidates could beat Trump. I don't think that it's so much they want Trump as the do not want what people refer to as socialists in power. Just like the 2016 election, people were tired of the politically correct career politicians and would have voted in Mickey Mouse if he ran. The only recourse for the dems right is to convince minorities and under educated to vote for them by offering all kinds of free stuff which will all be forgotten once they are in office.


Rave on DOTs but fully understand you are still backing a low-life.


Rave on Hwy but fully understand you are still whining about Nov 2016.

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