Editor: This is in response to a letter by Margie Emmons on June 15. She obviously sees a red wave coming in November and she is trying to convince people not to believe their lying eyes. I believe the election was stolen, not by votes, although I think that's questionable, but by the corrupt media.

I just saw a poll that said 79 percentage of people surveyed would not have voted for Biden if they had known how corrupt the whole Biden family is. How could you ignore the famous laptop? Joe Biden said his son is the smartest guy he knows. He said he knew nothing about his son's business but he is in pictures with the partners. Rhetoric like Ms Emmons is exactly why we are in the mess we are in today, mortgage rates at a 13 year high, biggest rate hike in 28 years, housing, food and gas through the roof. The Southern border is a disaster, and now I hear they are talking of rationing food and gas. If Ms. Emmons can tell me one thing Joe has done right, I would love to hear it. We have to save our country. I pray that you all wake up before its too late.


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Roger Pries

Well BB aka SB you say the president has no power to tell the oil companies to lower it's prices but that isn't stopping him is it. Simply by telling them to produce more oil is a way to say lower your prices. Biden is in a real pickle and it's all his doing. He has created one crisis after another in his time in the WH. He just doesn't know what he's doing and it shows everyday. What is also sad is that his handlers and wife have to come to his rescue to tell us what he really meant. Getting old is tough but getting old and have dementia or whatever else he's got is really bad especially for the country that we live in. Still can't believe that you and others voted for that brain dead career swamp creature. His whole political career has been to enrichen himself and his family.

Bob Moore

"$4.91 to $5.29 a 38¢ price spread for a gallon of regular gasoline today in Lake Havasu City, AZ!" Thank you for once again pointing out that price gouging and greed by oil companies have caused nightmare.

Bob Moore

“$4.91 to $5.29 a 38¢ price spread for a gallon of regular gasoline today in Lake Havasu City, AZ!” And We thank you for pointing out, once again, that it the greed of the oil companies and their price gouging of the American people that’s responsible for this.

You can say “Let’s go Brandon” all day long. You can wear it on your shirt, paint it on your truck or tattoo it on your forehead.

I don’t care.


Because “Brandon” told the former guy to shut up on national TV.

Then he took his job,

His house,

And his twitter account.

Rich Macke Staff
Rich Macke

What happened to Rick Macke's's admonition about banning those who post negative comments? Oh, wait, perhaps someone told him if he were to do so most of THN "favorites" would be "banned for life." Oh, well, on it goes.

Bob, it seems you struggle to grasp the concept of negativity toward others. We understand that the difference of opinions will result in forms of negative comments on our site. However, to clarify one last time, this is negativity toward others in the form of blatant attacks toward an individual or individuals on this site. Not everything that is a negative comments will have anyone removed. But belittling, name calling, ridiculing, humiliating another use will have that person removed. Are We Clear?

Bob Moore

Thank you for the clarification, Rich.


The short list of man caused disasters of dim-Joe Biden in the last 19 months!

1. Worst inflation in 50 years,

2. Highest gas prices ever,

3. Worst border crisis ever,

4. Agricultural fertilizer crisis,

5. Baby formula crisis,

6. Record high lumber prices,

7. 2.7 million Illegal Migrants,

8. Highest labor shortages ever,

9. 100’s of Americans held hostage in Afghanistan,

10. 1000’s of Afghan allies abandoned,

11. Billion of dollars in military equipment abandoned to terrorists,

12. Unprecedented crime wave in “blue cities”,

13. Looting and shoplifting wave in “blue cities”,

14. Unprecedented Black on Black murder rate in “blue cities”,

15. Unprecedented homelessness in “blue cities”,

16. Unprecedented number of mentality ill and drug addicts defiling “blue cities”,

Bob Moore

An amazing litany of right-wing talking points without a single attribution. And of course all of the economic points are the result of greedy corporations price gouging the American people.


$4.91 to $5.29 a 38¢ price spread for a gallon of regular gasoline today in Lake Havasu City, AZ! (GasBuddy, “attribution”) Thanks, Joe Biden, heck of a job! [thumbdown][censored][censored][thumbdown] Let’s Go Brandon, Deaton


“Fentanyl drives spike in teen overdose deaths, even as drug use falls to new low.

From 2019 to 2020, the rate of overdose deaths nearly doubled in the U.S. for those aged 14 to 18. Then in the first half of 2021, teen overdose deaths rose another 20 percent, according to a research letter published Tuesday in JAMA that analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It represents "a completely unprecedented finding for this group," (NBC News) Thanks dim-Joe, Let’s Go Brandon! [thumbdown][censored][censored][thumbdown] Deaton

Joseph Vetter

Where are we headed as a country? Check the Texas GOP platform summarizing the parties core beliefs and priorities. Talk about "letting it all hang out".

Bob Moore

Clarification - The Texas GOP 2022 platform maintains President Biden didn’t win the 2020 election, and supports the continued investigation of “voter fraud” claims.

The platform requires teaching students “life begins at fertilization.”

Republicans want to prohibit the teaching of “sex education, sexual health, or sexual choice or identity in any public school in any grade whatsoever.” The party asks legislators to restrict reproductive healthcare services, including “counseling, referrals, and distribution of condoms and contraception through public schools.”

With Texas ranking 42nd in access to healthcare, the party rejects any Medicare/Medicaid expansion.

The platform supports repealing the 16th amendment which gives Congress the power to collect taxes from states. The platform also supports abolishing the Federal Reserve.

The Texas GOP declared homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice,” and opposes same-sex marriage.

They want to repeal the 1965 Voting Rights Act, a federal policy that granted minorities the right to vote without the burden of literacy tests, poll taxes, and intimidation at voting centers.

Throughout the document Republicans supported Biblical texts like the Bible, Ten Commandments and prayers mandated in public schools and state facilities.

The party also reignited its obsession with seceding from the United States, urging Texas lawmakers to create a referendum for Texas voters in the 2023 general election.

David Lender

[thumbup]Bob Moore


“Attribution”, please? [thumbdown][huh] Deaton

Bob Moore

Requested attribution - The 2022 Republican platform document https://platformrepublican.com/topic/2022/

Bob Moore

As a person who voted for President Biden - as did millions of other Americans - I am supporting the majority of his actions to improve the lives of every American. I am disgusted with the greed and price gouging by corporations of all Americans in the name of profits. As the hearing move on with testimony from Republicans and trump minions I hope the DOJ soon takes action. One thing that needs to be done ASAP would be the DOJ indicting Kelli Ward and the others who attempted to overthrow the 2020 election by filing papers claiming they were the "real" Arizona electors. In case you forgot - https://www.newsweek.com/arizina-gop-kelli-ward-subpoena-signing-electoral-1675706

Roger Pries

BB aka SB you should be hiding your head in shame instead of printing that you actually voted for that brain dead corrupt swamp creature. When did he start caring about everyday people. People like you are blind to Bidens bad polices that it makes your minds mush just like his. You like to parrot Biden when he says big oil is greedy. Now he trying to put the pressure on them to produce more oil. Can't make this stuff up. From his days of campaigning from his basement he said he was going to eliminate fossil fuel and did everything possible to full fill that promise after getting into the WH. Now that everything has back fired he is now blaming all his failures on everyone else. Now he is demanding the same oil companies he wanted to shut down produce more fuel. He now wants to go to Saudi Arabia and beg them to produce more oil. Again can't make this stuff up. Now suppose you explain to us why it was OK for Biden to want to shut our oil producing down when he first got into office but now it's OK for the same companies to produce more. I think these oil companies are a lot smarter then you and Biden give them credit for. They aren't going to be shut down without a fight. And talk about oil greed why didn't they do this when Trump was in the WH. One has to wonder.

Bob Moore

I have never "parroted" President Biden - the man elected by the American people to replace a seditionist fool - when it comes to oil companies. The president of the United States has zero power to tell corporations what to charge for their products. With that fact in mind it is more than obvious the American people have been royally screwed by the price-gouging of greedy oil companies.

a. non


"tell me one thing Joe has done right"

He moved Donald Trump out of the White House.



David Lender

[thumbup] RobertsonO

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