Editor: I’ve been wondering at what age people finally figure out that when you tax the wealthy you hurt the middle class along with the less fortunate in our society. It’s an easy thing to say, tax the rich and make them pay for whatever we believe we need. Does anyone think that when you raise taxes on the wealthy they won’t find away around the increase by investing money outside America. If you tax corporations, the company’s they hold will raise prices on their products. People who are wealthy will not suffer from increased taxes but you will if you purchase one of their products. Government spending has been too great for a long time and your descendants are going to pay the price. The present administration has gone completely overboard with relief spending because of covid-19. Unemployment insurance in Arizona is $537 a week with federal assistance. An employee at $15 a week earns $600 a week. No wonder companies are finding it difficult to hire employees. Who wants to work for $63 dollars a week? I don’t care what your political bent is. This is idiotic! It’s easy to spend other people’s money until you realize you’re hurting yourself!

Lou Wilber

Lake Havasu City


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Bigblob is off his meds again. Someday he just might learn that his side is the losing side of the debate.


"More than 1 million new jobs have been created during President Joe Biden

’s first 100 days in office & we can’t stop now. Democrats are working on the #AmericanJobsPlan to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and create jobs so we can build back better & expand economic opportunity."


There are not 1 million "new" jobs, there are about 500K that people are returning to. Good Lord the left does know how to spin!


There is no 38% tax bracket. If one is making $10,000,000 or more (eight figures) and paying 38% you need to fire your accountant.

The richest 1% of Americans own 35% of the nation’s wealth. The bottom 80% own just 11% of the nation’s wealth.

In the 1950s and 1960s, when the economy was booming, the wealthiest Americans paid a top income tax rate of 91%.

Taxing investment income at a much lower rate than salaries and wages are taxed loses $1.3 trillion over 10 years.

1,470 households reported income of more than $1 million in 2019 but paid zero federal income taxes on it.

CEOs of major corporations earn nearly 300 times more than an average worker.

30 percent of income inequality is due to unfair taxes and budget cuts to services and benefits.

The largest contributor to increasing income inequality has been changes in income from capital gains and dividends.

It’s time for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. When they take advantage of the many loopholes in the tax code the rest of us pick up the tab.

Instead of cutting education funding for our children, we should ask millionaires to pay a tax rate at least as high their secretary’s.

Instead of cutting Social Security and Medicare, we should ask the wealthy to give up a few tax loopholes so that we can make sure everyone has a secure retirement.


A simple flat tax would solve these issues.



Too old for this



Lou Wilber, you are spot on about the effects of raising taxes on the rich and corporations.


Liberals no common sense !


Another repeat of the right-wing talking points. Why should wealthy Americans be taxed at a rate lower than the average American? Why should I have to pay 15 to 20 percent while the wealthy pay 3% or less or even nothing? Remember that$2 trillion fiasco put thru by the Republicans and the liar-in-chief that benefited the wealthy? Why was than necessary?


I make 8 figures and am taxed at 38 percent. Where did you find these numbers?


That's what you pay now, when Sleepy Joe is done, you'll be paying 43%. What will that mean in fewer dollars in your pocket? It, unfortunately, is not only about you "8 figures" guys, but will eventually hit those of us that paid our dues, and earn 5 figures from social security, and 5 figures would be rich to those making 4 figures. No matter what your "figure" is, they are going to tax us to death!


Obviously you didn't take ECON 101, and were to busy learning to be a writer. If you had, you would understand why taxes are lower on those that are creating a flourishing economy are less than yours. Compare their Tax credits to what you have to write off, I don't understand why people are so confused about this. Believe me, Biden is going to tax us all to death to pay for all his wasteful spending, but there is a reason for the tax gap. And it all happened before #45, Donald J Trump, the man that gave us Warp Speed, the vaccination that was put into Bidens arm before he ever took office, tax cuts, to help bring a "flourishing" economy, not only to the rich but to every ethnic group, the man that insured that our border was secure, and the man that held Iran accountable, not holds their hand. Can you be that confused by all this???

Too old for this


Too old for this

That was Pelosi's first thought...give away money but call it stimulus. You can't hang that on Trump, even though you wish you could.

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