Editor: Before the Trumpers get their panties in a bunch about the “unexplained” 74,000 mail-in ballot count difference claimed by the fraudit “officials,” here is what the fact checkers say:

The list that was used to match the number of ballots sent out versus the number of ballots received also included ballots cast early in-person. No errors, no fraud, no “magically appearing ballots.”

Instead, once again, we see an unqualified group performing a ballot audit without a clear understanding of the process and methods utilized by election officials.

Over 75% of Arizona voters have been voting by mail for nearly three decades with no cries of fraud or rigged elections.

Even Gov. Ducey defended our mail-in voting process. The election was clean and honest. We should be proud to have an efficient and effective voting system in our State. Accusations of fraud, cheating or election stealing are clearly misguided.

Margie Emmons

Lake Havasu City


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Again bigblob has a fairy tale to spin. When will he learn that the demorat party is the enemy of the people. They hate this country and are trying to turn us against each other. Why even their leader China Joe calls us who happen to be white white supremacist. And he campaigned on being the uniter. These people are sick and need to be thrown out of office. This last election was a total sham and the people who participated in this fraud will be held accountable, it's only a matter of time. You can't hide from the truth forever.


By all accounts, the election “fraudit” in Arizona is a failure – months past its initial deadline, is in violation of federal law and riddled with mistakes. Therefore, it’s unsurprising the auditors are fighting to hide their nefarious operation from public records requests and to hide their donors. Amazingly, somehow, the fraudit has inspired copycats around the country.

A Republican fool legislator in Pennsylvania threatened three counties with a subpoena if they don’t turn over their voting machines, computer system logs and voters’ personal information, a move that has the support of truly ignorant party officials.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Texas are attempting to pass a bill that would force an audit of the November 2020 election, beginning 1 November 2021 and continuing into 2022.

These legislators are clearly hoping to earn political capital from pushing a popular lie among Republicans – but will these sham audits ultimately backfire on them?

On one hand, this is an easy way to continue stoking hysteria about the 2020 election, especially as all but the most loyal supporters of the twice impeached moron eventually lose interest and move on.

And when it comes to disinformation, these fraudits offer a nearly bottomless cesspool. For example, an auditor in Arizona recently claimed to have found “74,243 mail-in ballots where there is no clear record of them being sent [out to voters].” In reality, the team failed to account for in-person early voting, which one expert called a “glaring omission from the analysis” that was either “grossly negligent” or “deliberately misleading”. However, as political theatre, the move was a success, generating viral tweets and a written statement from the twice impeached fool.

The two Pennsylvania counties controlled by Republicans have said they won’t comply voluntarily with the request, and though election administrators don’t have the same platform as grandstanding politicians, it isn’t great optics to bully fellow Republicans to conduct a fraudit that will almost certainly reveal no fraud, as was the case in Michigan.

In February, the Arizona senate tried to arrest the Maricopa county board of supervisors but failed after a Republican defected. In addition, Maricopa county announced it wouldn’t use many of the machines used in the review, which the Arizona secretary of State had already threatened to decertify because of potential security risks – demonstrating again that actions have consequences.


“Joroger1978!” You’re the man, most comments are spot on! I don’t have the time nor patience for these “Demonrats,” bottom feeders that literally take from those that believe in hard work, freedoms and the rights to be themselves! My passed registered Democratic ww2 veteran grandfather would be disgusted with his party today! Non the less, here we are, a country full of so called Americans that aren’t!


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Bonespurs All we want is to find out how numerous states were allowed to change their election rules by claiming they are doing it because of the coronavirus. They had no right to do that under any circumstances. There were suspicious actions made by people, like kicking poll watchers out in Georgia with a BS story that there was a water leak. There was a video in Pennsylvania showing poll watchers being ordered out and not allowed back in. That is just a couple of incidences. We watched for 4yrs. how the demorats went after President Trump because queen hillary didn't get to her thrown. They pulled out all the stops to frame Trump and to send him packing. They weaponized the FBI and DOJ and even tried to frame him in the impeachment hearings. People like you who sit in glass houses should take a closer look at the demorat party. These people are the worst of the worst that literally hate America. They are working overtime to turn us agaisnt each other. Just look at China Joe he calls white people white supremacist and he's a white guy, you just can't make this stuff up. The left has been tearing this country apart by not condemning terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa. These people have burned, looted and even killed and I can't think of one of them that is in jail now. January 6th was a sad day for our country, millions of us needed our voices heard. Unfortunately some bad actors infiltrated like Antifa to really get the crowd riled up. The DC police shot and killed an unarmed female for no reason and they won't even release the officers name. Polosi and her corrupt cabal our starting an investigation. This is just a way for them to cover up their own malfeasance. They knew there were going to be a large number of protesters there but didn't do a thing to beef up security. So lets hope that the rest of the states that had some suspicious things going on during election night get their audit underway.


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So bigblob provided us with the truth, how noble of him. He only sees the truth through the corrupt demorat machine. Margie you can believe whatever you want just like several other deomrats who write in to this opinion column. If there was no wrongdoing in this last election then people like you on the left have nothing to worry about. But since there has been such an outcry from the demorat party to the point they want to get the new AG involved tells me that they are running scared. Every state that illegally changed their voting rules just before the election should be targeted. These states had no legal right to do what they did but did it anyway. Just that alone should null and void that states election results. But no we can't complain about that can we. Margie were you this upset when your party went after President Trump for 4 yrs. claiming Russia collusion probably not. The FBI and DOJ were weaponized to take Trump out with manufactured evidence. These agencies has shown us how corrupt they have become. There is a two tier justice system that needs to be corrected. Why is it that BLM and antifa who by the way are domestic terrorist organizations allowed to be still walking the streets. Trump was no saint but we didn't elect him to be one. He was an outsider that saw how the corrupt swamp in DC operates. His only problem was that he didn't know how really big the swamp was. In his 4 yrs. as President he did more good for this country then this corrupt career swamp creature known as China Biden. Just tell us what china Biden has done in his 47 yrs. in government that was good. He did show us how much of a racist he is by at one time he stated that he didn't want his kids growing up in a racial jungle. He was behind a crime bill back in the 90

s that targeted mostly black men. Now lets not forget about the sick things he has done with little girls. What about Terra Reads claim that he raped her with a finger. Ah the believe all women narrative, guess that didn't apply to China Joe. The man is a sicko and shouldn't be anywhere the WH. The demorat party is doing everything in it's power to turn our country into a 3rd, world SH. China Joe is a dictator being led by his handlers. So we on the conservative right have every right to see how this audit in Arizona turns out. I hope other states get on the band wagon and conduct their audits.


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BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

The failure of Donald Trump and many of his supporters to acknowledge the numerical outcome of the election is frightening. If we can't agree that the way in which we select our leaders is legitimate, then we share nothing as citizens of this country; we become not one people but warring tribes. If you are willing to believe that the hundreds of thousands of elected officials and volunteers, of every political party in thousands of counties, who participated in counting millions of votes are all somehow part of one giant conspiracy, then you have completely lost the ability to reason. If you can't grasp the concept that it takes longer to count thousands of votes than it does to count hundreds of votes, then you have even lost the ability to count. The Constitution of the United States guarantees you the right to believe in any fantasy you like in your own head, and even in your own church. But when you try to force your fantasy on others, you step outside the law and outside the boundaries of any civilized order. Then you get what happened on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol. And if you find yourself part of a mob where people are waving confederate flags and wearing "Camp Auschwitz" and "6MWE" T-shirts, you might want to consider the possibility that you are not with the good guys.




Arizona taking the time to audit the last election is no big deal. It won't change the outcome, we're already 6 months in. It won't change Trumps mind, but he's out, so what's the big deal? States are responsible for the integrity of their elections, a periodic audit of elections should take place by the states, and corrections to the states voting laws should be changed, as technology changes, demographic changes, and mindsets change. What is the big deal about all this????


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So the RED CHINESE hacked into the Dominion voting machines, giving Biden, Kelly and probably a whole list of Communist ringers a win but that's ok, They cheated fair and square..... You are as big a traitor as Big Bob , Havasu Guy or MY Little Margie.


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State Senator Wendy Rogers calls for a new election!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZthyjtI904


Gee Margie ...perhaps it would help if you watched something other than MSNBC or CNN! Try this:https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13989524/


HOT FLASH, Margie....Arizona doesn't vote Communist. The documented voter fraud is way beyond the 74,000 votes.


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Now for the truth -

Leaders of the Senate’s election review “fraudit” have made claims that have bolstered ignorance from supporters of the twice impeached, lying, crook that there is definitive evidence of election fraud in Arizona.

Several of those claims were swiftly debunked, and others were unsupported by any evidence and have been refuted by actual elections officials. The claims made in the two-hour hearing also revived idiotic conspiracy theories that were debunked and disproven in the days and weeks following the 2020 election.

The most prominent claim by Doug Logan, the CEO of the fake Cyber Nijas’ “group” is there were 74,243 mail-in ballots “where there is no clear record of them being sent.” (Sounds like Joe McCarthey BS).

The twice impeached moron seized on the claim, calling them “magically appearing ballots.” And a popular post by the @AuditWarRoom Twitter account — a phony account run by someone with inside access to the fraudit — claims 74,243 more mail-in ballots were counted than requested by voters in Maricopa County. However in fact the ballots don’t represent a clerical error or evidence of malfeasance. Instead, they are early ballots cast before Election Day at early voting centers.

An analysis done of publicly available early voting data by ABC15 reporter Garret Archer came up with almost the same exact number. Before becoming a journalist, Archer worked as an election data analyst for the Secretary of State’s Office. Prior to that, he was an election data consultant who worked for Republican candidates.

The deadline to request mail-in ballots was Oct. 23, 2020, and the list of requested early ballots does not get updated by the county after that. However, the list of submitted ballots does get updated after that date with the votes of people who voted in-person early.

Archer’s analysis found 74,241 ballots on the submitted-ballots list that did not have a corresponding entry on the requested ballot list — almost identical to Logan’s number. Those voters cast early ballots in person. Although most early ballots are returned by mail, state law allows voters to go to early voting centers to cast their ballots prior to Election Day.

It is unclear – surprise - where Logan and his team came up with the numbers or what dataset he is looking at. A request for comment and clarification went unanswered.

Another claim which has been making the rounds is that 10,000 voters who were added to the voter rolls after the election cast a ballot in 2020. Election officials told reported Logan and his team are looking at provisional ballots. A provisional ballot is given to a voter who could not produce proper identification or if a poll worker is unable to verify a voter is who they say they are. Anyone who votes a provisional ballot has to prove their identity to county elections officials within five days for the vote to count.

The ballot still undergoes the same signature verification process as every other ballot in the state. In 2016, thousands of Arizonans voted provisional ballots due to an error that caused voters names to not show up in the poll books at their polling places.

After a voter who casts a provisional ballot provides the required identification, they become fully active voters — and they’re added to the list of active voters in the county.

Without knowing what data and ballots Logan is looking at, it is unclear if provisional voters who were added to the list of active voters explain his claim. Cyber Ninjas was askedfor clarification, but did not receive a response.

The audit team also raised questions about the process for duplicating damaged or unreadable ballots. When ballots cannot be read properly by a tabulation machine, they are duplicated onto a new ballot in a process overseen by a bipartisan group of people.

At last week’s hearing, Logan said the way duplicated and original ballots were identified on sheets provided by the county was confusing. That claim was the basis for a tweet by the @AuditWarRoom account claiming that original and duplicate ballots were not given matching serial numbers and cannot be verified. Elections officials said this is not the case, “The Elections Department assigns a matching serial number to both the original and duplicated ballot,” said Marcus Milam, a communications officer for the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office. “This number can be used to compare the ballots. The accuracy of Maricopa County’s duplication process was confirmed in court where the plaintiffs randomly sampled 1,626 duplicated ballots.”

There were claims that Republican representatives were not present during this process. However, GOP observers were present throughout the counting, both the Arizona Republican Party and the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office previously said.

Logan also claimed without evidence – surprise - that the county relaxed its signature verification requirements going from a 20 step process to fully ignoring it in its entirety. He used this as a basis for saying why the Senate needs to request the ballot envelopes as well as other items that may be forthcoming in new subpoenas. The county has strongly refuted this claim.

“This is simply not true,” Milam said. “Maricopa County follows rigorous state signature verification guidelines.” All full time staff at the county, prior to the election had to complete a signature verification course by Phoenix based Associated Forensic Laboratory, LLC.

Logan claimed that they have an affidavit of someone who witnessed the decline in standards, but he was not clear on how those standards declined or how it occurred. Logan has not released the affidavit or any further information. Cyber Ninjas did not respond to a request for clarification.

In November, shortly after the election a video spread like wildfire of a woman claiming that poll workers were handing out Sharpie markers to Republican voters in order to invalidate their ballots.

At the hearing last week, Logan showed a ballot which appeared to show markings bleeding through from the reverse side, Logan said the bleed-through from the Sharpies was greater than he expected, and that the paper used by the County was not adequate enough to prevent said bleed through. He speculated those marks affected the vote, but provided no evidence – surprise!

But Sharpies did not invalidate votes, and the county had been trying to prepare voters for their use months in advance. Elections officials also developed ballots for the use of Sharpies.

For the first time ever, Arizona voters were given Sharpie permanent markers to mark their ballots at Arizona polls last year because of new voting machines. While the old voting machines — which had been in use since 1996 — could not read Sharpies and many other commercially available permanent markers, the new machines perform better with felt-tip markers. The new machines can read between 6,000 and 8,000 ballots an hour, about twice as many as the devices they replaced. Ink from Sharpies dries faster than ink from traditional ballpoint pens, and the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office advised the use of the markers in Maricopa County. Even if the marks made by the Sharpies can be seen on the other side of the ballot, the ballot was designed so that such bleed-through marks wouldn’t interfere with the marks in other races.

Deplorable Neanderthal

Ignorance + lying + crook + fake + moron + phony = Bigbob


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Do you really think anybody reads your bloviating lies?


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Deplorable Neanderthal

Bigbob off his rocker crazy [scared][yawn][tongue_smile][ohmy][tongue][unsure]


Hey “Bobby,” I’ll be over tomorrow with a cheese burger from that “Conservative burger joint,” you love so much! I have a felling you’ve pulled the rubber off the walls and that helmet I got you last year doesn’t quite fit anymore! We’ll take a spin in my mustang down Route 66 and all will be better!


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