The Endangered Species Act is a 1973 law dedicated to protecting species from the brink of extinction and preserving the ecosystems that allow said species to thrive. This act has proven very successful in the last 45 years and has saved iconic species like the bald eagle, the grizzly bear, and the alligator from going extinct. The Trump administration, however, has called for dramatically weakening this law which could prove fatal for many species. The administration seems intent on destroying natural ecosystems for the sake of new gas and oil pipelines. For the habitats that aren’t subject to new pipelines and destruction, the previous standard for what endangered species need to live in would be greatly decreased.

I don’t accept that fossil fuel industry profits are more important that the preservation of what’s left of our natural world. Ironically, this greed will put our own nation’s bird, the bald eagle, at risk once more. Hope isn’t entirely lost though. As a student and intern with Defend Our Future, a non-partisan environmental group, my peers and I are taking action. The midterm election on Nov. 6 is our best chance to let our voices be heard. We need to get to the polls and vote for candidates who will push back on these regressive and dangerous policies.

Marissa Ruiz



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