Editor: The political hit piece that was portrayed by liberal cartoonist Garry Trudeau in last Sunday’s “Doonesbury” comic against President Trump was highly offensive and disgusting. The Sunday comics used to be funny and entertaining, but, like a lot of other things, they have been taken over by liberal socialists bent on indoctrination and mind control. If you don’t agree with their point of view then you don’t count. Don’t let the socialists silence you. Your opinion matters, too.

Mary Miner



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A communist is a Democrat or vice versa. Vice versa means either way. I assume HG and Shiska don't know the meaning; perhaps STD and OD D as well.


Who are "Shishka" and STD?" But what is certain all Republicans are conservative/fascists - that is known fact.

Objective Dialectic

So this paper, which has 99% conservative-biased articles and comics as it is, can't have a single article or comic that is liberal? Who really sounds like the brain-washer in this scenario?


AWWW, did the little racist snowflake get her feelings hurt by a comic strip?

Get over it, snowflakes, get over it.


Mary, thank you! Yes, "Radical Democrat Terrorists" are now at the same level as communists.


A gummy delusion so early in the morning? You seriously need to cut back. The only Domestic Terrorists I can think of are Conservative/Fascists and members of the NRA.


What is your obsession with gummies lately? Do you feel deprived? Maybe you should go to Needles and fill that little bowl and have lunch at the Wagon Wheel. Take HG with you. The 2 of you could have a wonderful day discussing all the evils of the Conservative/Fascists and members of the NRA that you are so afraid of.


CVA-42 [thumbup]

Objective Dialectic

You obviously have no idea what a communist is... Maybe it's time for you to go back to school


Will you look at that! Another fool who has no idea what a "socialist" is. As to Doonesbury, anyone too stupid to not know it has always had a political bent is just sad.

And as to Typhoid Donnie, any portrayal of him that puts him in a bad light is right on the money. That fool has all but destroyed our nation and is now making a mockery of one of the greatest things about our Democratic Republic, the peaceful transition of presidential power.

Herc's an idea - DON'T READ DOONESBURY. Even in here is RED AMERICA a lot of us enjoy the comic strip.

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