Editor: I think I’ve heard enough “Fear Porn” from the “President” and the Democrats in general about covid-19. Next in this “fear porn” agenda is the vaccination passport. I can see that this power grab will not end until they have milked every ounce of leverage to control and subjugate every American citizen. They don’t seem to care about non-citizens but the idea that we will be banned from entering grocery stores without a mask and a vaccination passport is unacceptable. When they realize that the passport can be copied and counter fitted they will insist we all get a RFID chip implanted in our hands or we will not be able to “buy or sell”! It’s sounding more Biblical with every ridiculous rule. In fact, let’s just say you won’t be able to “buy, sell or go to church” without a passport! I will never take this vaccination no matter what Fauci , Biden or any other fraud will say!

Michael Pacer



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Tris is the kind of fool that will keep COVID spreading around our nation.


And you are the kind of fool that rides around in your car by yourself with a mask on thinking you are protected. You might as well try to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence. The vaccine is killing people all over the world . It's all part of the Globalist plan to depopulate the planet and liberals , like you Bob are lining up to take it. Good luck....

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