Michael Reagan

No wonder Donald Trump was so angry. No wonder he wanted to stop the Mueller investigation.

He didn’t collude with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He knew he was innocent.

And almost three years ago he foresaw that a biased fishing expedition by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his liberal lawyers would undermine his ability to govern and provide Democrats and the liberal media with an endless supply of damaging political ammo.

Now that Attorney General William Barr released the redacted Mueller report, the whole world knows that Mueller completely exonerated Trump of collusion with Russia.

Mueller was unable to decide whether the president was guilty of obstruction of justice. But the desperate Democrats in the House and the disappointed fake journalists over at CNN don’t care that Mueller found Trump guilty of no crime.

They’ll spend the next 20 months parsing the Mueller report’s footnotes and milking the unanswered question of obstruction for every possible drop of political poison they can find.

By noon on Thursday CNN’s all-liberal panel of eight Trump-hating pundits and legal experts like Jeffrey Toobin already were back to their usual tricks.

They spent half the morning spinning the importance of the inconclusive “obstruction” part of Mueller’s report and trashing Attorney General Barr as a shill for the president.

Dana Bash and crew showed no sympathy for the unfair, incorrect and deranged assault they and their soulmates at MSNBC, the New York Times and elsewhere have subjected Trump to for three years.

You’d think Toobin and a few of the others would have been pleased to find out that the president of the United States did not collude or conspire with the Russians to fix the 2016 election.

Instead, ignoring how wrong they were about everything, they were excitedly talking about how the Mueller report’s examples of presidential obstruction attempts could serve as a handy road map to impeachment for House Democrats. Some CNN panel members, to their shame, were visibly disappointed that Trump was saved by several staffers who had the good sense and ethics to refuse to do what he asked of them.

According to the Mueller report, there were ten examples of Trump trying to get control of the Russia investigation.

They included firing FBI Director James Comey, urging Trump’s useless Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “re-recuse” himself and trying to get various staffers to lie or not cooperate with Mueller.

The facts surrounding those presidential attempts to interfere are not in dispute.

But the president never fired anyone, even though he had the Constitutional power to do it, and he never obstructed Mueller from doing his work.

The White House even turned over millions of documents and the president waived his right to use executive privilege. If any of his White House staff had followed the president’s requests concerning the Mueller investigation there might have been a legitimate case for obstruction.

But they ignored him. And they did exactly what they are supposed to do - they kept the boss from making a serious mistake.

I say bravo to the president’s staff for saving his butt. They did their job. They protected President Trump from himself.

As the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Thursday, the president reacted to the Russia collusion charges the way any innocent man would react to a frame up.

President Trump had every right to be outraged and frustrated by Mueller’s investigation, which he always knew was a Democratic witch hunt. If he never colluded with anyone in the first place, as Mueller has proved to the satisfaction of everyone except maybe Rachel Maddow and Adam Schiff, it’s hard to see how the president could be guilty of the crime of obstruction. If anything, the only thing President Trump was guilty of was trying to obstruct injustice.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “Lessons My Father Taught Me: The Strength, Integrity, and Faith of Ronald Reagan.”


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DOT’s are a curious lot, never anything of substance to say just mindless, inane attacks that serve no purpose and do nothing to further the discourse.


rovR. You're Lost once again. Russian Investigation found no conspiracy no charges on Russia Hoax. So the Lefty Band Wagon party jump to the next Hoax Obstruction to a crime that never took place Ha HA. What a joke Blame, Barr, Blame, Mueller, Blame the Cowboys and Indians You will see in 2020. People are done with the Lefty Crybaby politics


Actually, as usual - you are incorrect and what in the world "Cowboys and Indians" have to do with the subject at hand is another of the mindless puzzles your pepper your nonsense with. There is amble evidence in the Mueller Report of conspiracy to obstruct justice by the draft dodger currently squatting in our White House. And if - as you posit - the liar-in-chief is so innocent why does he insist upon blocking every attempt to let the American people see the full report? Why won't he - as promised - release his tax returns? To refresh your memory on the latter subject there is this - Trump was the one who made tax returns an issue in 2012 when he said Romney should not be allowed to run if he did not show his tax returns. Trump, when asked, said he would "certainly" release his returns if he were to run. Then he claimed he could not because of an "audit" - a lie. Then he said he would show them "later", then it was he would show them "after the election." So, tell us why he will not release his tax returns? What is Trump hiding from the American people?

So as usual DOT’s are a curious lot, never anything of substance to say just mindless, inane attacks and insults (usually with multiple misspellings) that serve no purpose and do nothing to further the discourse. Rather than attack me why not provide proof that anything I say is incorrect?

Quotes -
“Maybe I’m going to do the tax returns when Obama does his birth certificate” April 2011

“If I decide to run for office, I’ll probably produce my tax returns, absolutely, and I would love to do that.” May 2014

“I have no objections to certainly showing my tax returns.” February 2015

“I’m being audited now for two or three years, so I can’t do it until the audit is finished” (a total lie) February 2016

“We’ll be releasing that...You know they’re going to be surprised how little I pay. I fight like hell not to pay a lot tax.” February 2016

“Hopefully, before the election, I’ll release. And I‘d like to release. By the way, you learn very little from a tax return.” May 2016

“The only that cares about my tax returns are the reporters.” (Another lie) January 2017

“Oh at some point, I’ll release them. Maybe I’ll release them after I’m finished because I’m very proud of them, actually, I did a good job.” May 2017


rovR Maybe the Lefty Crusaders can make a new Law that could charge the president with Obstruction for not showing his taxes. Progressives better hurry 2020 is coming fast

Dawn King

Utter nonsense, J-dub. While I'm really glad the report showed trump did not conspire with the Russians, Mueller's investigation determined, without a doubt, that the Russians meddled in our election with the sole purpose of helping trump. They also found that Obama's administration knew about this interference and did little to thwart it. We also know the Russians interfered in the 2018 election and are fully committed to doing so again in 2020. Does the dotard or the GOP even care? Nope! The truth of the matter is Mueller found over 10 incidences of obstruction of justice by trump during his investigation. If Mueller was just a prosecutor on a normal case with a regular citizen, he would have filed charges on obstruction of justice and prosecuted. However, Mueller operated under the limited confines of dept of justice policy and was not in a position to prosecute. There could be more legal trouble for trump in the ongoing investigations that Mueller has outsourced. The only thing that probably saved his fat arse is that his attorney and others did not carry out his orders to fire Mueller. This hot mess is far from over for trump, but one of the saddest takeaways in all of this appears to be that trump is now also seeking reelection to avoid prosecution.


Lil Mikey destroys his own argument with this, “…Attorney General William Barr released the redacted Mueller report…”. Why redacted? Had Ken Starr redacted one word of his salacious Clinton Investigation the Republicans would have demanded his head on a platter. What happened was the Starr Report was released on a Wednesday with copies of the report and 18 boxes of evidence turned over to both parties and less than forty-eight hours later the entire report was released to the American people. The American people want and deserve to see the complete Mueller Report, not some four page summary or a redacted piece of trash put forward by a political hack.
What Mikey fails to mention that the draft dodger currently squatting in out White House refused, multiple times, to actually be questioned under oath about his actions – on “advice of counsel.” That one is simple, his “counsel” knew the fool would lie through his teeth and perjure himself.

And then there is the bald-faced lie, “But the president never fired anyone...”. And if the fool is innocent why all of the cover-up? Truly innocent people welcome complete investigations with full exposure of the results. Guilty people refuse to talk, harangue those charged with investigating and firing anyone with whom they disagree. With seventeen other investigations ongoing it is more than obvious this clown is dirty…very dirty and should be removed from office.


rovR. You have a Dark world little buddy Yep. Let's remove him from office . Its obvious hes very dirty. MARXS plain and simple


"MARXS?" No idea what that means, just your usual blather. I am however glad to see that you agree with me, "Let's remove him from office. Its (sic) obvious hes (sic) very dirty.""

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