The current conflicts involving Russia, Ukraine, the U.S., NATO and Europe are complex.

All parties — Russia, the West and Ukraine — have all “staked out very hard-line positions about what they’re willing to accept.” Accordingly, it will take some creative diplomacy to avert an escalation of the crisis. The U.S. seemingly attempted some of that creativity, including offering to broaden discussions on reinstating the recently abandoned Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

Those are appropriate, productive areas of exchange, and may offer Putin an off-ramp from his threats. But the U.S. and its NATO and Ukrainian partners should be prepared for everything — a full-scale invasion, cyberattacks, a trumped-up “provocation” from Ukraine that invites invasion, or half measures meant to split the alliance.

President Joe Biden was right to signal that severe sanctions will be triggered if Russia invades Ukraine.

What Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the world can’t afford is war. Accordingly, diplomacy is the best way forward.

— Minneapolis Star-Tribune


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Vince Gors

Right, Putin is "Shaking In His Boots" over anything biden does.[rolleyes] When President Trump, "Drew The Line" there was No Misunderstanding and ever a Thought about Crossing It.



Tell readers, Vince, exactly when did Trump draw a line with Putin?

I'll wait.



RO - Do not expect a reply. We all know the twice-impeached defeated loser was Putin's puppet.


And we all know that Vince Gors just loves twice-impeached and defeated loses as much as he loves Putin!


The Steele Dossier which was the basis of the “Putin puppet” narrative has long been debunked. Much of the media which had aggressively advanced the narrative now are scrubbing their past online articles as though their initial reports had never existed.

Left wing think tank Brookings Institute provides a realistic assessment of the Trump Administration’s actions on Russia debunking the “Putin puppet” narrative. Per Brookings:

“The Trump administration’s policy actions often seemed at odds with the President’s rhetoric. To set the record on policy actions, rather than rhetoric, Alina Polyakova and Filippos Letsas tracked the administration’s concrete actions on Russia from 2017 to 2019.”

It might behoove you to expand your sources of information.


Still persisting with PHONY screen names, ‘eh BigBob, SedonaBob, RobertsonO, et al? It makes you appear as “dense” as you must be, in reality! I think even HavasuGuy[batman] has managed to figure it out? [thumbdown][huh][tongue][whistling][smile] Deaton

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