Editor: We’ve all heard the old saying there is always two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in between.

I have been in the middle of what some may call a political scandal. Don’t worry, I’m OK.

Question: Why would one of the original owners of Cabernet & Canvas and the Lake Havasu Songwriters Festival try and destroy a Creative Networking group? One major part of the Songwriters Festival was marketing and engaging people.

After donating thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours with the intention of saving music and art programs in local schools, I clearly wanted this young group of entrepreneurs to succeed.

Branding is a very important part of a new start up and silly me tried to give some advice.

Between the media and a handful of misinformed people this topic got a little out of control. So I’m publicly saying to support this creative group, they are doing awesome stuff. I give them credit for fighting hard for the name, which shows how completely united they are.

Cheers to the new Nomadic building on McCulloch and soon a new downtown gathering spot in the park next door.

It’s a Proven Fact: Communities who engage in music and art thrive above the rest. Wait, I was preaching this statement 10 years ago. If you ever have questions contact me at Nancy@artslakehavasu.com.

Time to save the multi-family complexes from a massive water and sewer increase. Wish me luck on that one!

Nancy Campbell

Lake Havasu City


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I am sorry but for once I am going to stick my neck out on the limb and say that Nancy is right. The name Creative Comrades stinks and if you ran it up the flag pole to an organization like the Chamber of Commerce they would most likely agree. Here is what they have to say about the creation of a company name.


But I don’t blame those who are most likely working their tails off at Creative Comrades heck they are most likely working harder than they have to. Oh sure the group has the right to call themselves anything they want, but based on my 50+ years in business and industry the name just doesn’t work for me. But of course this is still a free country so they can call themselves anything they want. But even after all I have read about this organization or company in the News-Herald and online I STILL have no idea what type of SERVICE[S] they provide. I am guessing they are some type of consulting group to startup companies. But what is their purpose, what are their goals, what is their mission statement, what role do they fill for a new business. In short, why do I need them?

On facebook they state: “Creative Comrades is a casual monthly meetup for all entrepreneurs, creative professionals and freelancers in Lake Havasu. All are welcome; business owners, freelancers, software engineers, hobbyists, designers, photographers, programmers, coders, writers, artists, makers of anything.

So what is wrong with THIS facebook statement if anything? Well It doesn’t state what they DO or the WORK or SERVICES their organization provides. I still don’t know what they do.

I could go on for hours but this posting is already too long and nothing is going to change. I just wanted everyone to know that in MY OPINION the name Creative Comrades just doesn’t do it for me and that Nancy was right for trying to provide some guidance. To me this is what community leadership is all about. I would have welcomed her comments with an open mind and then implemented those ideas I thought might be of value. In my opinion, the early guidance provided by others during the formation of this company could have been better. Instead of criticizing the comments of a community leader I would have LISTENED and LEARNED. Some companies spend millions of dollars just to find out what others think of them.


I 'spose if comrade is viewed as being bad, then Vodka must be worser.


Only the cheap stuff simon1dog, ha ha.


Statement's without facts are nothing more than conjecture. Do you have any proof of your assertion?


Nancy I voted for you after reading through the campaign literature and policy positions of all the candidates. My memory may fail me but nowhere in all your lofty ideals did you mention language police or self anointed brand consultant for the "public" good.


Ms. Campbell, don't lower yourself as to have to justify anything in a letter to the local newspaper. Do your job, think of the town, and not individuals, and move along.


Nancy, thanks for not being afraid to express yourself, the woke thinkers be damned!


Nancy, please consider that as a public representative your words carry weight in our community.

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