Editor: This letter is in response to the letter in of Aug. 9 entitled Postal Service Delivery problems. Since I have been getting mail service at my residence I have seen some careful competent delivery people. I have also picked up more than 10 envelopes on the ground around a neighbors mail box. I went and picked them up. When I went to put them in her box. I found the box fill with a package. This neighbor was out of town and apparently had not notified the USPS. I put her mail in a bag with a note explaining what happened. One of her letters was in a neighbor’s yard.

This week I received a letter addressed to my neighbor which appeared to be a bill. Fairly often other neighbors say they have gotten mail that is not theirs. In some cases that can be disastrous.

Our mail, as we all know, contains a lot of very important documents, bills and bank statement, etc. Delivering the mail should be taken seriously. Keeping your mailbox in good order should also be taken seriously, as well as access to it. It sure be nice if your yard didn't get trashed because of carelessness and a “who cares” attitude.

Nancy E Clark

Lake Havasu City


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