Editor: This is regarding the Patagonia businessman, Brent C. Bowdon. The family is now going to sue over his fatal shooting by Lake Havasu City Police.

1. Bowdon was clearly intoxicated (in the body-worn camera footage of the shooting).

2. His wife, Denise, said he was "pretending" to have a gun behind his back. Bowdon himself indicated he was holding a gun behind his back.

3. It was stated that Bowdon did not "make a verbal threat," "a furtive movement," or a "harrowing gesture." Really? If "pretending to" and indicating he was holding a gun behind his back isn't one of the above, then what is?

Bowdon is dead because of the behavior he chose. These police officers were in fear for their lives. If only Mr. Bowdon would have cooperated, the outcome might have been very different.

Nancy Homerding

Lake Havasu City


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