Editor: Arizona is in the midst of a housing crisis.

Everyday Arizonans are struggling to pay rent, and issues surrounding housing are further exacerbated for Arizonans facing poverty.

Congress is currently at a critical juncture in a trillion-dollar bill that will offer invaluable support for Arizonans facing housing insecurity.

The upcoming Build Back Better bill will extend the new Child Tax Credit payments another year, meaning children already lifted out of poverty this year won’t be pushed back down next year, and provides much needed assistance to low-income renters to help them afford rent.

It also includes funding to manufacture more covid-19 vaccine for people around the world.

And the plan is paid for by making the wealthy and corporations pay a fairer share of taxes.

This plan is historic. It lays the foundation for building an economy where no one gets left behind. It must be passed.

When the Build Back Better bill comes to a vote, I strongly urge our members of Congress to vote YES.

Nathan Young



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Vince Gors

"Big BOOB" I see your President got his "Orders" from the "SQUAD" to release 50M Barrels of Oil from Our Reserves, NICE!! How long is that going to last =3 Days? Plus we have already Paid for this Oil, and now we get to pay for it again. Everything the Didgrace touches he manages to destroy.[sad]


vinnie - Responding to your weird little voice "Big BOOB" - who lies to you - only proves your ignorance.


President Biden’s move to tap the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is expected to supply Chinese and Indian oil needs as gas demands have led to global shortages, reports said Tuesday.

China and India have been actively purchasing U.S. sour crude oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico, first reported Bloomberg.

Sour crude oil contains high levels of sulfur, which reportedly makes it more expensive to process and traditionally turns buyers away.

Experts aren't even sure releasing the oil will even bring te price of gas down.


The sky is not falling but our country is! History repeat and we are headed for a crash. Save your money.


Naturally the majority of Republican/Fascists in congress will vote against anything that will benefit the average American while making certain their big donors are protected. Perfect example - Senator Sinema who promised to work towards lowering drug costs, but was then paid off by Big Pharma and is now determined to screw every American that requires prescription drugs.


Bigbob, BaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaa, as a sheep for the liberal socialist, you just cannot turn the channel can you. You have to look at All the news, not just the liberal news, to come up with an opinion. Once again, where are you on the problems at the Border. I'm here now, come on down, you'll see what this lame a$$ president has created.

Third Eye



46 (IQ!) - Still don't know what a "socialist" is do you? And rest assured I watch and read many "channels" - including the anti-American FAUX News and NewsMax on occasion. And any of the problems existing along the southern border were created by the twice-impeached, lying, POS who walked off and left one Godawful mess for President Biden to deal with.

Too old for this

The only mess that Biden is capable dealing with is in his Depends.


You know TOFT, I heard when DIM-Joe was sedated for an hour and transferred Presidential powers to Kackling Kamala VP during the medical check-up of his, well you know, that she was ripping up the “resolute desk” in the Oval Office looking for a football? I wonder why? [thumbdown][censored][censored][whistling] Deaton


Hey bigblob have you taken the time to read the 2000 page BS build back better plan, doubt it. Just like Nancy Piglosi said during the Obama care con-job, WE HAVE TO PASS IT SO WE WILL KNOW WHAT'S IN IT. Such morons we have running this country. But I will not let the republicans off the hook either, most of them are pretty useless also. If there wasn't so much waste in our government then there might be a chance for some real meaningful improvements in helping needy people. But at this time our leaders think nothing of spending gobs of money on the invaders of our country but ignore so many of our own homeless veterans. Spending money to help other countries with little in return. Now Biden wants to hire 80 plus thousand new IRS agents but he can skate out on a half million in back taxes. The whole tax system is flawed, there should be a flat tax with no loop hole deductions. Donations to any political candidate should be outlawed. Just like there should be term limits on everyone who is voted into office. This practice that making a career out of being a politician stinks. The government never has lived within it's means, tax and spend is the way of life for all politicians. Wish I could just tax someone when I need more money.


jojo - Again with your weird lisle voice, "bigblob?" No one named "bigblob" has ever had a comment appear here.

Too old for this

Your typical reply when you know that someone else is right.


But you always reply don't ya

Too old for this

You should switch to prescription drugs and stop using the hallucinogens that seem to rule your life. How do you know that she is not working towards lowering drug costs?


twosie - Again you lie posting that I take "hallucinogens." Why do you do that? Does it make you feel like a BIG MAN to post lies about me? You should be permanently banned for posting such crap.

Now "how do I know?" Let's just look at a compilation of various news stories about Sinema the Sell-Out: Pharmaceutical companies charge up to four times as much in the United States for name-brand pharmaceuticals than in other countries, in part because a Republican controlled Congress barred Medicare from using its bulk purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. President Joe Biden and Democrats support lifting that prohibition in their reconciliation legislation, a move that would save hundreds of billions of dollars – BUT SINEMA HAS EMERGED AS THE PARTY’S MOST PROMINENT OPPONENT TO THE PLAN.

Her turn-about on drug pricing is a dramatic shift. A one-time progressive activist, Sinema campaigned on lowering drug prices in her 2018 Senate race, and she was still calling on Congress to address rising drug costs as recently as last year, boasting on her Senate website that she was fighting to “ensure life-saving drugs” would be more affordable.

But it’s clear now the pharmaceutical industry has been courting Sinema for some time. Indeed, in March 2021, as pharmaceutical Pac money was flooding into her campaign coffers, drug lobbyists were already bragging to Beltway reporters that they HAVE FOUND THEIR LEAD BLOCKER IN SINEMA.

Sinema has studiously avoided giving the public any details about where she stands on virtually any of the policy proposals in Democrats’ reconciliation legislation and it makes sense Sinema would be reluctant to publicly explain her opposition to Democrats’ drug pricing plan – because she would sound absolutely ridiculous.

During her 2018 Democratic campaign, Sinema released a direct-to-camera ad noting that her family had struggled with healthcare costs when she was younger. “We need to make healthcare more affordable, with access to the lowest-cost prescriptions, and fix what’s broken in the system,” she said in the ad. In February last year, Sinema published an op-ed declaring: “Congress must address the cost of prescription drugs. Today, even Arizonans who have insurance sometimes struggle to afford the medicine they need. That’s why I’m pursuing policies to ensure life-saving drugs like EpiPens and insulin are affordable and available to Arizonans, especially our senior citizens.”

But by then, drug industry cash was already starting to flood into Sinema’s campaign account. In May 2020, Kaiser Health News wrote that SINEMA HAD RECENTLY “EMERGED AS A PHARMA FAVORITE IN CONGRESS”, based on the fact that she had become “a leading recipient of pharma campaign cash …”.

By March 2021, Big Pharma wasn’t just quietly funneling money to Sinema; the industry was publicly signaling that THE SENATOR COULD BE ITS LEAD BLOCKER in the fight to prevent the government from negotiating drug prices. “DRUG LOBBYISTS SEE A POTENTIAL ALLY IN DEMOCRATIC SEN KYRSTEN SINEMA, THE ARIZONA MODERATE WHO HAS SHOWN A WILLINGNESS TO BREAK WITH HER PARTY,” Politico reported at the time. Then, early last month, a corporate front group called Center Forward bought $600,000 worth of television and radio ads promoting Sinema in Arizona. The ads touted her “independence”, and characterized her as “a bipartisan leader” in the mold of the late Senator John McCain. As The Daily Poster reported, Center Forward has been heavily bankrolled by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America the powerful Washington drug lobby. A few days after the ad campaign started, SINEMA INFORMED THE WHITE HOUSE THAT SHE OPPOSED THE PARTY’S DRUG PRICING PLAN.


“Again you lie posting that I take "hallucinogens””, For NOT taking them you sure hallucinate a lot, BigBob! Maybe, you should take all your “over priced” med’s to your pharmacist and see if your having bad “drug interactions”? Heck, BigBob that might fix all of mental heath issues, something to think about? [thumbup][tongue][love][whistling][wink][beam] Deaton


What is this BigBob, a DIMOCRAT you don’t like? Heck, Sinema is one of two politicians in the Country that can save us from the “tsunami” of INFLATION that will occur if DIM-Joe signs BBB! I thought I’d never say this, but thank God, for Kirsten Sinema D-AZ, you go girl! [thumbup][rolleyes][wink][beam] Deaton

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