Editor: While watching the City Council meeting live on Feb. 9, I have to say I was shocked by comments made by Terrence Concannon, Go Lake Havasu’s President/CEO. He stated that in three years we would be in a major recession, possibly a depression and he reiterated that fact. It’s shocking that a man in his position would even consider making a statement like that in a public forum. He’s gotta go, he was bad press and a naysayer that we really don’t need during these times.

Frank J. Smith

Lake Havasu City


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Hi Frank:

I tried to watch the video on YouTube but it has such a low volume level I can't hear what is being said. But I think about the only thing I can say is that his timing might be a little off.

I can't see us making it past the next few years without some major adjustments to our economy and here are just a few reasons why.

1. Real estate values are at an unsustainable level

2. We are about $28 TRILLION dollars in debt and going up daily.

3. The current administration wants to raise taxes which will slow down the economy at least it usually does.

4. Massive spending on infrastructure and renewable energy jobs are not PERMANENT jobs. They are government jobs that get eliminated when the government contracts expire.

5. Congress has an approval rating of about 26.3% which to me represents a failed organization. These are after all the people who write our laws and spend our money.

6. We are a divided nation. We have a very slim margin of voters who seem to want more government involvement in our daily lives. We have an even smaller margin of voters who seem to want to return to the good old days of the 1950's and 60's. Neither party to me is what WE need at this moment in time.

I would instead focus on revising out Tax Code so that every corporation pays something into our government. In 2018 here is a list of a whole bunch of corporation who paid NOTHING and in some cases YOU and I paid their taxes for them. Just how screwed up can our government get.


I am not sure WHEN a slowdown or recession is going to hit but from where I sit it seems very likely within the next 3-4 years. That however is a GUESS on my part.

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