Editor: Every morning I open my News-Herald newspaper and read the letters by customers and by guest columnists. By all the writings you can tell without a doubt that most people in Havasu are predominantly Republicans. They complain about what President Biden is doing that they disapprove of and how much they approve of what ex-President Trump did. So here is my question to all you Republicans if you disagree so much with President Biden then you disagree with his stimulus package and there fore should not accept the $1,400 (plus the extra if you have children). The money dependents can qualify for the third check more then doubles the amount from the first two checks. There are new eligibility requirements that differ from the last administration.The first and second stimulus checks qualified dependents were defined as anyone age 16 or younger (this is how the first two checks compare with the third) Each dependent counted toward the family total, with no cap on the number of child dependents claimed. That rate was $500 and $600 for the second, which was approved and sent in December. The new bill that President Biden signed into law earmarks 1400.00 per dependent of ANY age to be calculated into checks of their parents or guardians. For the first time 17 yr olds and adult dependents are also eligible for a payment as part of he new bill. This group includes around 13.5 million college students, older adults and children of all ages with certain disabilities.

But remember this one very important fact

Not a single Republican in ether chamber of Congress voted for Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package. So think about that when you deposit your check and who you would vote for in the future. .

Nina Gregersen

Lake Havasu City


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Nina...Do you think a stimulus check is the only reason influencing anyone’s vote? How sad! I was not for the stimulus bill because of the pork for items not related to Covid or not for our own citizens. If you are asking me to give up my one stimulus payment received while Biden was President, you should give up the two stimulus payments you received when Trump was president.

The policies and his stance on all issues related to the country’s LEGAL CITIZENS should be a bigger concern to you than what payments the government is giving you at the taxpayers’ expense. You do pay taxes right? Do you think your tax payments are going toward the betterment of American citizens first?


Yes, we will all be giving back our $1400.00 dollars every time we go to the gas pump.


Gave mine to charity.


Where's the flipping money needed at the Border to help with relief for the country wide insurrection No Show Joe initiated. And when, oh when will No Show Joe or Laughing Harris make a serious trip to the border. Can't ignore it forever, before it bites you in your dead ***!

Too old for this

[thumbup] Why do Liberals refuse to acknowledge that anything received from the federal government is taken from us? The government does not produce anything but headaches. Biden's tax increases will make up for those measly payments in no time. The Republicans voted against the $1.9 trillion because 90% of it was not for Covid relief, but pork barrel dreams from Pelosi and Co.

The Liberals have added trillions to the national debt with giveaways to everyone in the world, and tossed the taxpayers a crumb or two. Remember this the next time you vote!


Nina, most conservatives agree with the stimulus. It's the extra $1.4 trillion of pork in the bill they have a problem with. Change the flavor of your Kool-aid news, and you'll find all kinds of enlightening facts.

Too old for this

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] She can only spell CNN and MSNBC.


Biden followers are lazy a$$ people that want everything for free!!


“Nina!” What a ridiculous assumption! Republicans agreed there needed to be another stimulus for the American people. They just didn’t agree with the stimulus provided by the Democrats, the 100’s of millions that went overseas and to unnecessary agendas! Nina, did that 1.9 trillion come out of Biden’s pocket? Last I checked it’s the tax payers that will be fronting this bill, not Biden, the unemployed or the welfare recipients you Democrats continue to provide more care for! You do understand what a stimulus is designed to do, right?


I have challenged the Biden Haters numerous times and not a one of them will say they are returning that $1400+ of filthy, socialist money. No surprise that they are hypocrites.

Vince Gors

Nina!! you and "BLOB" are so clouded in the "DIM" Media Trash you Open your Muth Way before you engage what Small amount of Knowledge and Information you May have

Whay in the World is the Fact Most if ot All Republicans Kew way before the "SCAM" called an Election this "Clown" was Not All There and were Scared to Death for our Families and Country Our Fears were well founded.

What In The World is Our Total Distain for this Disgrace of an Excuse of a man no less than A President have to do with a "REFUND" from a "KITTY" we have paid into OR will be paying into.

I understand you got this Stupid Idea from our Resident Moron, but Run along and Chat wirh the hater here.

How is your "Great Leader and his Administration doing, in your Opinion, NINA? Did you save your Money OR Blow IT?

OH!!, that's Right you "DIM'S" think there is Plenty OR just print more. Do some research, before you come i, and throw your "Trash" around.[thumbdown]

Vince Gors


Please tell me you did NOT accept the "Coid" check you received from That EVIL President Donald J. Trump. You know that "Dirty Money" for you and ALL your Kids!!

Plus, you would Never have Had the "Covid" Vaccine administered, You Remember The One Developed by President Donald J.Trump and his Administration.

The only things your

BOZO, has done is Spend $'s, Cancel Jobs, Endanger this Country,Lose Respect in the World AND Open The Border to ILLEGALS,CRIMINALS and God Knows What Else!!

Nina, now go Play somewhere else you ae way out of your League if you come in here and Trash The Best thing to Hit this Country in History,

Hang On NINA, your Clown is working to get you more FREE $'s.[ohmy]

Deplorable Neanderthal

Bigbob/hwyrovr the hate monger of Havasu has spoken. One wonders did all Democrats continue to pay a higher tax rates in protest of the Trump tax cuts? Did the Democrats continue to follow restrictive regulations in protest of Trump’s regulations rollbacks?

Too old for this



You need to read the other responses. Republicans agreed that we needed another stimulus, what we don't agree with is the fat that came along with it. Only Biden could spend that kind of money and a small percentage goes to Covid relief. I'm not returning mine, because I thought it was the right thing to do, but I''ll never agree to billions of Porky Pig!!!

Too old for this

If it is taxpayer money, it is not filthy socialist money. Did you give back the money Trump sent you, or did you spend it on hallucinogens?

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