Editor: I’m responding to Kandi Finfrock’s letter of March 9. She challenges readers to watch Tucker Carlson’s documentaries on the Biden family.

I challenge you, Kandi, to read the editorial in the March 11 issue of the News-Herald; The one by Jake Whitney revealing how Tuck and the gang on Fox lied about the 2020 election being a fraud, and lied about their loyalty to Trump and his minions. I urge you to read this because you obviously read the paper, and I’m sure you haven’t heard this news from your far-right sources.


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Roger Pries

Ah the loney lefties are out in full strength attacking the right all the while Biden is continuing to run this country into the ground. Do you really believe in Bidens agenda or is your hatred for Trump so great that it keeps you from seeing the truth. I can't think of one thing that Biden and his traitors have done that's' good for our country. I know he is not Trump and apparently that's what it takes to support him. There are many demorats staring to see that Biden is toxic and really want nothing to do with him. Biden is a sick little kid-sniffing, rapist career swamp creature that has done nothing productive in his whole pathetic life in politics. But one thing he did do was make himself and his family all rich by selling out our country. Got your EV yet.

Havasu Guy

The orange loser has enabled the fascists that long for another civil war, they're not patriots - they are traitors to the United States of America.


All of the usual whiners are out in force this last week screeching and crying about Fox News, Tucker Carlson and the Jan 6 insurrection and rebellion, otherwise known to everyone else as an “after hours, unofficial tour of “The People’s House”! These very same whiny, ill informed dogmatics conveniently fail to mention the period in our history called the Civil War between 1862 to 1865 and resulted in the death of 620,000 dead American soldiers who fought against each other and the assassination of arguably our greatest President, who by the way was our first Republican President. Then there were the “Hoovervilles” in Washington DC and several other locations during the Great Depression who were disbursed by federal troops! They never mention the six years of almost constant rioting and demonstrations by draft dodging college students, everywhere, including DJT, the “Big Dog” Bill Clinton, who ran away to the UK and San Francisco “peaceniks” between 1967 to 1973, including the 1967 “Summer of Love”

Of course they never bring up the 292 Americans who will die during this 24 hour day, everyday, 365 days per year, due to the FENTANYL being smuggled across our totally open and unsecured Southern border! Yep, that Joe Biden is one heck’va guy being led around by handlers, incapable of speaking coherent sentences and falling up aircraft bordering stairs! You need to follow your own advice! “Kandi, and get your brain oriented to real news” [thumbup][tongue][rolleyes][wink] Deaton

Roger Pries

Hey NJ you are definitely a loose canon. You said that Hunter has never been convicted of anything, can't you see behind your cloudy eyes that the FBI and DOJ have been compromised. This is why the Bidens have been let off the hook. It's not because they are innocent it's because there is a double standard in how the law is enforced. But lets face the facts, as long as there are demorats in control we will never get the truth. They are masters of deceit and cheating. Their goal is for total control of our lives and freedom of speech is on their radar take away. Another right that they want to take away and that is the 2nd. amendment. You have blinders on that keeps you from seeing how corrupt Biden is. We used to think the Clintons were bad but Biden and his crime family have put the Clintons to shame. Biden is in bed with the Chinese and they are holding his hostage. Also lets not forget Bidens ties to Ukraine. He recently went over to Ukraine with our tax dollars while Ohio was suffering from a train disaster. He has no loyalty to this country and it shows everyday. Biden is a brain dead puppet that has be be constantly propped up by his wife and handlers. And lets not forget that as of now he is known as the worst President in our countries history. This loser has done nothing meaningful for our country during his whole pathetic time sucking off the government and our tax dollars. Also we can't forget that he needs his 10% as he is the big guy.

Kevin Murphy

Pretty funny Roger, how do you explain that while trump was in office and his DOJ in charge they had Hunters laptop and nothing was found? Amazing how with all the evidence of trumps corruption he is still supported. As mentioned above, Biden was never accused of corruption until he ran against trump and beat him. Trump associated include over 20 felons to date, many he pardoned who have been charged again. Your source, Fox News is now shown to have admittedly lied about the election lies. Those you trusted are on record have purposely lied to its viewers to keep them hooked. Jordans committee so far has turned up absolutely nothing to support the FBI or DOJ has been compromised, if anything it again is proving to be nothing but conspiracy theories once again by the right wing nuts.

Rambo In a Golf Cart

Trump, his vapid daughter, and her slumlord husband made literally billions of dollars from China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia while squatting in the White House. Trump strong-armed foreign dignitaries to spend millions at his gold-plated golf motels and DC hotel. Trump and Ivanka got highly valuable fast-tracked Chinese trademarks immediately before he made a major policy reversal about ZTE there. Slumlord Jared offered pay for play US visas to Chinese businessmen. Trump made millions off of a Trump Tower lease to Chinese nationals.

Unless you are whining about all that, you can cork it with your unsubstantiated bs about private citizen Hunter Biden.


Yo, Pantsload, I haven’t seen you on a rant like this in a longtime! [thumbup][love][wink] Deaton

Rambo In a Golf Cart

A rant? Did I say anything that, unlike Fox, is not true?

Havasu Guy

Everything you wrote is true, that orange loser supporter just wants lies...


[batman] Who rattled your cage? Pantsload, “Did I say anything that, unlike Fox, is not true?” Yes, most of your first paragraph, but that’s something I’ve come to expect! [thumbup][tongue][whistling][rolleyes][wink] Deaton

shutthe frontdoor

R.P. It would be more believeable and of course more accurate if you replaced Biden's name with the "Draft Dodger/Great White Dope's" name as he is ranked by historians #43 out of 45 U.S. Presidents, down there with the likes of Buchanan and Johnson. That rating is based on moral authority, administrative skills, crisis leadership, and ecomomic management, to name a few.

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