Editor: In response to the letter from Dale Woller on Feb. 4, I watch lots of “fake” news, and I saw the DC cops letting in the seditionists plain as day on many of those “fake” stations. Yes, they chatted with them, took selfies with them, and treated it as if it were a party, while other cops outside were getting killed with fire extinguishers and beaten with the American flag.

What I can’t understand is you right-wingers’ obsession with Antifa, and your unwillingness to take full blame for any of the awful things your people have done since don trump took office. According to accounts here in the US, and all over the world, Antifa is more a belief than an organized group. Those who subscribe to its beliefs are against fascism, which I can’t see as a bad thing.

The Proud Boys, however, are a very well organized group of thugs. They even brag about being chauvinists...even in this day and age! The Bugaloo Boys are just as organized, and they proudly wear their Hawaiian shirts so they’ll stand out and be recognized.

Even during the Black Lives Matter protests, when mothers joined arms to protect the protesters, the radical rights were smashing windows and destroying buildings with the intent of makiing the public think it was Antifa and BLM protestors doing the damage. You righties jumped right on the bandwagon and blamed the peaceful demonstrators. Why don’t you stop listening to radical right-wing craziness, and tune into some real news for a change?

Norma Lembach

Lake Havasu City


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Norma, not even sure if I can take any of your writing seriously. I watched it live (for many hours and days during the summer) as "peaceful protestors" destroyed a downtown area. A multimillion redevelopment section that were looted and burned. I watched lots of BLM signs, I watched a lot of criminals and gangmembers but not one Hawaiian shirt.


Thank you Norma. Any violence by anyone is criminal and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Better check your facts.

Too old for this

Thanks for the laugh!


I agree,


Check your facts. It has been determined that no one was killed with a fire extinguisher.

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