Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the crew at River City Movers the one young man showed up in such a timely manner and greeted us with much professionalism along with doing such a great job on getting us moved!

Onion to the managers of an RV park, that throw away peoples mail. Medicare bills, insurance information, automotive registration. These items are not important to you, but they are to the people that don't get them, plus the late fees and penalties. At least send it back.

Orchids to Mike, his crew and Denice in the office at Aaro A/C. You guys are great! I got old school service and top notch professional work all at easily the best price in this area! Thanks for our cool summer.

Onions to my real estate agent; she did not represent my best interest and only cared about her commission.

Orchids to Bill for paying our breakfast check at Black Bear on Father’s Day. Unexpected and appreciated.

Onions to Havasu cable providers. We in Havasu need another cable company! There prices keep going up and up! My bill went up $30 in one month. Bad! Shame on you.

Orchids to Darrel and Sharie for the dinner invite to Rebel BBQ. Love that place!

Orchids to spending on an uphill bike lane on Swanson. All of us senior citizens can’t wait to pedal our derrieres up to coast back down to cool off when it’s 115° Nice project.

Onions to the insensitive gal in bar asking if my friend had a plate in his skull. To claim he was interfering with your phone reception was absurd. Suggesting he leave the room until you finished talking was downright cruel. Harley's plate is made by Lenox and non-metallic. You need a new phone!

Orchids to M5 for half a century of adventures! And raising our melded kids into sober, high-achieving professions.

Onions to any and all who spread animosity about others; seems the place is full of Antifa-like attitudes. Many of the non-everyday crew are at a disadvantage when it comes personal prejudice.

Orchids to Havasu Pizza (Safeway Plaza) Friendly guy, consistently delicious! Love the stombolis! Thanks!

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Onions to "antifa attitudes???" Since when does being anti-fascist deserve an onion? Oh, i forgot......since November 8, 2016!

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