Orchids and Onions

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the entire admitting staff and imaging personnel at HRMC for their outstanding service in getting my time-sensitive procedures done in time for a last minute doctor’s appointment in Phoenix. Special orchids to Danny for his above and beyond, compassionate assistance. It all was greatly appreciated!

Onions to the onion about affordable housing. I look around town and see a lot of dishwashers, cooks, hotel room attendants, and retail employees that make the lower end of the pay scale. They deserve an "affordable" place to live, and be safe. If you are calling them "undesirable,” you're way off base.

Orchids to Chris at Kmart. He went above and beyond to find what I wanted, tracked me down in the store to get it to me. Made over a $65 sale because of it. He is a real asset!

Onions to the group that ate on the patio of the restaurant. You didn't pay the full bill for the hamburgers you devoured. No tip either. They were busy - not the waitress's fault! Good thing you had T-shirts with your business name and number so we can spread the word!

Orchids to the road crew. Work going ahead of schedule. Access to business assured at all times. Orchids to Havasu News for keeping us alerted to routes to use. Onions to the whiners. I for one have had no problem getting into stores. I use Walgreens for photos, prescriptions and misc. shopping. Circuitous routes but always successful.

Onions to the director. Shame on you. You’ve lost a good driver, somebody should look at the supervisor. My family won’t be riding next year.

Orchids to Dr. Hooker and second floor surgery team. Can't tell you how much I appreciate you all! Your smiles and flaw ness professionalism did not go unnoticed. My husband and I thank you!

Onions to the mom giving my neighbor's son a Lego set designed for kids 8 years old or younger. The boy is 10. My friend didn't want me writing this, but it needs to be aired. You basically labeled her child a 'simpleton' by your poorly chosen gift. I'm sure that's how he saw things. The gall of it!

Orchids to lodge brother who seek out hungry transients and offer them a meal, not money. He and his companion have enormous hearts.

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