Orchids and Onions

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Valane Candelaria with "For Dog’s Sake" and her crew for helping me training my little Molly. She passed with flying colors.

Onions to the store that always advertises sales and then they are always out of the product and will not give you a rain check.

Orchids to Dr. Killian. Sure, I will never run the 100 yard dash or high hurdles again , but my feet feel good.

Onions to the young men in the gray van. Return my Gadsden flag, "don’t tread on me" flag, and I won’t hunt you down.

Orchids to Ratliff Painting for the wonderful job of painting my house. I wanted a tint of green and Breezy found the right one after several attempts. Your team is the best. It's easy to see that you enjoy your work. Well done!

Onions to the health department. Ever look up at the air vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures which have never been cleaned full of dust and dirt. That must not be a health concern, no germs there.

Orchids to my best friend. You handled the gumshoe. It was tasteful and to the point, thank you for everything.

Onions to the city worker smoking her cigarettes while working in Rotary Park. Signs are everywhere asking people not to smoke. Please stop.

Orchids to the new remodel of the best store in Havasu. It’s beautiful and I cannot wait until it’s all done. I have waited for a modern store for years and you did it great.

Onions to going out to eat where the server was entitled to 18% tip. Fifteen percent is for service above, 5-10% or 0 for poor service. Do not tip just to be tipping.

Orchids to the Lake Havasu Tiny Mite Football Team! Third year in a row, going to the Super Bowl! Thank you to the coaches/all staff for volunteering your time/patience! They have worked so hard to be undefeated this year, they play with their hearts!

Onions to picking chewed food out of your teeth in public. It is very rude and obnoxious to those around you. Please use the restrooms provided for personal hygiene or go outside!

Orchids to dogs not being allowed at swap meet. Onions to dogs being allowed at Winterfest.

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