Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Smith's on the remodel. It is looking good so far; can’t wait to see it completed.

Onions to the “leader.” What a display of bad leadership. You give “feminine” a bad name—thank goodness you won’t be around for long.

Orchids to Balistreri's Automotive and Marine! I found them to be very professional and fair in price! Thank you so very much, because my car needed help! You are an asset to the community of Lake Havasu City! Char

Onions to the storage company for my extremely poor experience with your business. Your moving service damaged many of my items, and storage is not worth the cost I was locked into since all of my valuables are ruined.

Orchids to Havasu Regional from the admitting to my discharge! Everyone was wonderful! This is my work family and they treated me with so much love, they all wore cancer socks in my honor and my cancer blanket! Thank you all of you and my surgeon Dr. Rizzo! I can’t give you names as it was all of outpatient surgery, surgery and recovery! I love you all! Your love and prayers got me through this! Terri

Onions to the "fake patriot" onion. Where do you get the right to be so judgmental over what I display in my yard? Because I obviously have a different political stand from you, that does not make me wrong and you right. That makes America great! When you pay my property taxes then we'll talk!

Orchids to living in Havasu where it seems only snowbirds get a year older and a little slower. News flash! If you're alive, you're getting older! Wouldn't it be nice if we had a season with no snowbird bashing? Be kind out there. I personally can't wait for my snowbird friends’ return!

Onions to the city of Kingman for not allowing Trumpstock to be held at the fairgrounds. Bad call!

Orchids to the MVD. Pam and her supervisor where fantastic. Twenty five minutes total time in/out the door to process two travel driver’s licenses. Our first pleasant LHC MVD experience in 19 years!

Onions to driving in Havasu. This is a small city, what is the hurry? The new three way stop on Acoma is a joke. Just holding our breath for the big one to happen. Stop means stop.

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Orchids to Kingman for not falling for the Loserpalooza scam. Onions to those who did.



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