Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Papa Jim for hosting his son and grandson for another great Dove opener! We had a great time and were well hosted. Love you and our family traditions.

Onions to the lady complaining about the employee with the Trump shirt. You should be able to wear a Trump shirt to work. He is our President. Be proud!

Orchids to Dr. Little and the ladies at Lakeview Family Dental. They made getting a crown as pleasant and fun as possible (and as painless too). The whole staff is terrific. P. Burbank

Onions to the owners of the dilapidated, paint-peeling apartment complexes. What an eyesore for our city. Take pride in your property and provide a nice living space for your tenants. I know you would not want to live there.

Orchids to the two young fellows Sunday night going up and down Regency Drive securing trash and recycling receptacles as they blew down the street. I don't know their names, but my hat’s off to them!

Onions to the whiney onion-giver regarding the name of the game "cornhole". What makes you so special and entitled that we need to change its name? Do a little research-cornhole was named for a reason.The bean bags used to be filled with corn kernels.So get over it and let's all play cornhole!

Orchids to the man with the puppy sitting by Taco Bell. He had a sign asking for food. I bought him lunch. In return, he offered me his old watch, which I would not take. He gave most of the food to his puppy. Ranger Terry

Onions to the store being remodeled. Aisles are so narrow that shoppers had to wait for people to exit aisle, as two shopping carts going opposite directions can’t fit. Shoppers are going to start shopping elsewhere, especially peak hours when it’s really crowded.

Orchids to Linda Denovan at Re-Max. It was a pleasure having you represent my beautiful home on Jamaica. A win/win for both buyer and seller. Adrienne W.

Onions to restaurants that play loud music during lunch times. People would like to visit.

Orchids to the men spreading asphalt in this unbearable heat. It has to be the worst job in town. Kudos to them.

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