Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Lake Havasu City for hosting once again, another successful PTSA Conference (Professional Telephone Sales Associate). Although we had to keep our agenda under wraps, local hotels and eating establishments were most hospitable. A big kudos to Bob from Cornville for coordinating the event!

Onions to the "Public Safety Fee" on vehicle registration. Just another non-voted on tax increase.

Orchids to Josh of London Bridge Plumbing for service above and beyond in taking care of an ongoing problem that "other" so-called plumbers haven't been able to fix. Thank you for your professionalism and most reasonable rates.

Onions to our city government. As soon as we tell you what we do not want, you become stubbornly determined to provide it. Narrower roads? Bike lanes? More permissive green lights (as if we don't have enough accidents involving the ones we already have?). Stop dreaming and do what the citizens want.

Orchids to the mixologist at the still. Such a treat on Saturdays to enjoy a wonderful in season fresh and friendly cocktail and a healthy appetizer.

Onions to my 'number neighbors' (phone number whose last digit is one above or below your own) for still not texting me yet.

Orchids the largest one you can find for the City's new three-way stop at Acoma and Saratoga Ave long overdue.

Onions to the fashion police. Women that still dress like women? Butch haircuts? You sound like my beleaguered grandma! Women are more beautiful when they are independent of naysayers! -Teacher Joe

Orchids to Greg Knight, the FSP at Jamaica Elementary School for doing such an awesome job on the speech therapy office this Summer! It looks terrific. You rock! Susan Read

Onions to the cheater. Shame on you, the ex knows about the boyfriend. Too bad the boyfriend doesn't know about the ex. It's a small town. Only a matter of time. You need to clean up your soul, not cars!

Orchids to Jesse Villalobos for the wonderful job detailing our car. It has never looked so shiny. And the headlights never looked so clear. Thank you so much.You're definitely the go-to car guy. I will recommend you to everyone.

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