Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the 78 year old gentleman for cleaning Offshore Drive's runoff mess with a shovel and broom.

Orchids to the down town area Christmas decorations. It looks really nice and very festive. Good job.

Onions to the bald cop. Arrest my friend for disorderly conduct, when he did nothing, and gave an ex-military a disorderly conduct. Meanwhile, the guy who actually started the fight, left him with a concussion and broken face, gets away with it? I made sure to get pictures of his wounds, and trust me we will be fighting this.

Orchids to our neighbor on Offshore Dr. Thanks for getting all the rocks out of the road. More men should be like you. You did a better job than the city would! Thank you again.

Orchids to Haven of Lake Havasu for a joyous early Thanksgiving celebration for residents, their families and friends. From the delicious meal, festive entertainment, beautiful atmosphere and hard-working staff, the event was perfect. It's obvious why you are entrusted with the care of many loved ones.

Onions to the lack of veterinarians in Lake Havasu City. I have lived here 35 years, and cannot get my doxie, Sadie, with a back injury, in to see my "current" vet! Very disheartening for my beloved dogs. It hurts me. Susan Read

Orchids to Jeremy and Jay in the print shop at Staples. You guys are the bee’s knees.

Orchids to Rodgers Tile and Flooring on Kiowa Blvd. They did both carpet and tile for us. They were professional, helpful, and they did a great job of clean up! Outstanding. L and S from Iowa

Onions to the parade planners for snubbing the veteran. He was told he had a space in the parade, and was turned away by a clipboard. Was there not space for one more person, if you were not willing to give him the spot he was promised?

Orchids to Red Robin. Their veterans meal was just great. Their decor was so patriotic, inclusind the table honoring the missing serviceman. the staff way very attentive, efficent, and kind. thanks to all of you honoring our veterans. Tonya

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