Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the person who thinks that Long John Silver's is a good seafood restaurant worth driving to Fort Mohave for! Way to start my day with a laugh!

Onions to the "parent" complaining of the person with asthma using an inhaler the in restaurant instead of going outside. If your child is old enough to watch drug awareness videos at school they are old enough to be taught the difference between using prescribed versus illicit drugs. Good Grief!

Orchids to Rick, Karen and Justin Felish, perfect and on time. Our new installed pool rail is perfect. Great job, George

Onions to the no-left turn barrier on Lake Havasu Avenue. I used to be able to turn left into Humberto’s, pick up lunch, come out, and turn left and go on my way. Now I have to go through eight traffic light controlled intersections to accomplish the same thing.

Orchids to Dennis and the shop gang at Mojave Hitch for an outstanding Hitch and Air Bag installation on my 19-foot GMC HD Pickup. Hooked up and pulled my fifth wheel trailer without a "glitch from the hitch."

Onions to the manager of the restaurant. Show respect to patrons. Don't give an insincere apology while wearing a smirk and minimizing cheese being cooked into a meal and given to a patron, when server was advised of deadly allergy to dairy and patron suffered anaphylactic reaction.

Orchids to Dan and his helper Mel of Paramount Construction for the good ideas and great job of modernizing my home. The cleanup job was much appreciated too. AM

Onions to the person using fingers to write in dust, "Vote for Pedro", on back of my work van. I'm surprised you didn't say, "Wash Me.” Sometimes constituents can do great harm to a politician's election chances by such thoughtless acts. I'll bet Mr. Pedro wouldn't approve of such, nor do I.

Orchids to the guys at Worry Free Landscaping for the great work removing two trees and the clean-up afterwards at a very reasonable price.

Onions to myself. Friday morning at the four way stop between Mesquite and Riviera. I didn't see the gentlemen with a cane at the crosswalk. I do apologize it wasn't until I went through that I saw you.

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Sonny, you sound like your are describing Trump.


Onions to the Humberto Client who cannot figure out how to drive down Mesquite, turn left on LH Ave, turn right into Humberto's then turn right when leaving. Easy button.


And hwy thinks it's o.k. to call people fools, idiots, intellectually challenged,whiners, etc. because they have an opinion that he doesn't agree with? Is this what the editor wants? Change the heading from "Welcome to the discussion" because it appears it's just a lot of bashing and hating going on. Why can't we all get along?

Djanga Unchained

Onions to HwyRover & Dawn King for being miserable human beings. They are both pieces of 💩 that should be banned from the comment section of the paper. Then again, those two dimwits provide endless laughter and entertainment.😆😆😆 As you were.


Editor, really, this is the direction you want for our newspaper?

Djanga Unchained

Editor to Hwy - Dear whiney little "B", please STFU! 😂😂😂


He's right. It's kind of entertaining, in a sick kind of way to see a person make smugnorant posts to others and then get mad when others point it out.

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