Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Tom and Irene Rose for sharing yet another Desert Storm "Safety Boat" adventure with his brother and SIL. Had a great time on the lake providing safety to the event, the friendly and great volunteer staff of Desert Storm 2019, and all the great coordinated events. Meeting the Wizi-acks too!

Onions to health facilities for no longer requiring nurses to wear white. My dear mother was a nurse and always wore white. There was good reason for it. These days you can't tell nurses from patients. That's not right. Nurses should always wear white.

Orchids to Sheri at Albertson's market! I want to thank her for going above and beyond her duties for helping me with my purchase of a 10-pound ham I was purchasing. Cashier said I could not buy it at the sale price because I did not have a digital coupon. Sheri made it right for me!

Onions to the onion giver about the coworker marrying the mechanic. Stereotyping is a form of ignorance. Yet, I bet you call a mechanic when your car breaks down, huh? Grow up! Better yet, wash your own mouth out with some soap because what comes out of your mouth has a huge stench and is also ridiculous!

Onions to "waffelo cereal!" Do not come here and change our town! Go back to where ever you came from if you want them! People who try changing our town to be like the one they came from, leave.

Orchids to the crew that worked on my Master Bath Remodel Flying J ~ Jeff, thank you for being organized and on schedule! Adam, thank you for your meticulous cabinetry, Rick and Bill, your tile craftsmanship is outstanding! Randy, thanks for seeing the 'light' and Jamie for your help with water features! Perfect! To Eileen thank you! Denise, at Kitchen and Bath Concepts, you are amazing!

Onions to the place selling me supposedly prewashed, L.A. Lady cheek-cut designer jeans. Offering to replace them isn't enough! A day of boating in my girlfriend's boyfriend's new boat ended up with blue dye staining the white vinyl seats. It won't come out. You need to pay for this as I'm not!

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