Orchids and Onions

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Smith’s Food and Drug for the return of Spumoni Ice Cream. Months ago this delicious dessert went missing from the frozen dessert sections of local markets. No one could explain why. Happily, Spumoni Ice Cream is now in my freezer and all is right with my little world.

Onions to the despicable person(s) who removed the Mothers' Day Floral piece placed on the eve upon the bench, within Rotary Park, bearing the plaque honoring her memory. On arrival Mothers' Day morning, it was found not only removed, but broken apart and strewn about the Butterfly Trail. What goes around, comes around.

Orchids to Dave at Sound Bank for making my fourth TV purchase fun and enjoyable very professional. And for John the installer who came and set up our TV same day and went over everything with us, while petting and enjoying our dog. He was very professional and took his time with us. Always go back. Loretta

Onions to all the people getting paid for orchids to the restaurant! The place isn't comparable to restaurants that have been here for years!

Orchids to Mat and Gus from Dynamic Cleaning and Restoration. They did a phenomenal job of cleaning our carpet. They got out spots we thought would never come clean. They were friendly and professional. So appreciated.

Onions to the “Betty Boop” for her crass unkind comments to the couple trying to care for the spouse of a recently passed love one. Not everyone is in it for the money. They are doing their best to be helpful. Shame on you.

Orchids to Ted at Albertson’s in the meat department. He is awesome at customer service. I truly enjoy my shopping experience at Albertson’s and would like to say thank you to the entire Albertson staff.

Onions to this town for not having a decent seafood restaurant. My mother-in-law was visiting from Iowa. Her and the old lady wanted fish for Mother's Day. I drove 100 miles roundtrip to Fort Mohave. They had the fried cod and hushpuppies platter. Both moms were happy. Long John Silvers, you rock!

Orchids to Sgt. Tom Gray for reminding the public that dog aggression is not breed specific. Pit bulls are loving, family dogs and deserve love and understanding.

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