Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to London Bridge Resort for a beautiful wedding, reception and the rooms were above and beyond! Our out of town quests were surprised at how awesome everything was in the modern rooms, large, views, and service! Great time was had by all the Rangel and Kent family appreciated it for the wedding! Ken and Stephanie Kent

Onions to the onion regarding "red flag" laws. Red flag laws deny due process to the supposed "dangerous" person and are an affront to our guaranteed rights under the constitution. Perhaps you should stay home where you think you'll be safer. We will be out in public and won't miss you at all!

Orchids to Mohave County Supervisors for supporting our 2nd Amendment rights with sanctuary and not pushing the “red flag” laws taking away our right to due process, we are not a police state. No one person should be able to cause the loss of another’s rights. Reminiscent of the McCarthy hearings.

Onions to the outdoor eatery. Two dogs eating at outside dining table with owners. One on lap of owner and one eating placed on top of table with owner feeding it table scraps. So disgusting. Double onions to the staff allowing dogs on table tops. Gross.

Orchids to the good people out there. You are reading books, exercising, and taking your surroundings with a grain of salt; as it should be!

Onions to the fool who thinks a server is being greedy. For your information, Arizona is a right to work state and some servers get paid way less than minimum wage, relying on tips to feed their children and buy food.

Orchids to Lake Havasu City Mayor Sheehy. Now is the perfect time to evaluate the decorations for Christmas on Main Street. Keep up the good work.

Onions to the person who posted on orchids and onions about not allowing dogs on a leash in the swap meet. There was a blind woman with her service dog who was killed by another dog many years ago.

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