Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Smiths for staying current with the times, adding the new bar! Your self-checkouts are faster than any of the other stores' checkouts. And I never have trouble finding a close parking spot.

Onions to jailbirds who consistently call my mentally ill friend for money. He doesn't know how to say no and you lowlifes take advantage of that. He was a decent person, but now he's beginning to be-come one of you. How sad. Stay with your own kind.

Orchids to chiropractor Dr. G. Davis, thanks for getting me walking again. Also love his wonderful staff, Sunny, Jill, Andrea, and Kendall. Thank you all for everything. J.O.

Onions to not stepping down amid the turmoil and waning support. You had to have the new place and now complain about the cost to operate it. Did you not think your utility bills were going to be out-rageous?

Orchids to HRMC Rehab Center, RNs Terry, Katy, Beck and Pat for their compassion and help in my Cardio-Rehab. You ladies, went beyond to make it a pleasant experience. Thanking you, Sisto

Onions to the moving company that booked a move with us and never showed. No phone call, nothing! Both my husband and I tried calling and no answer. Wasted a complete day of our time.

Orchids to Superior Installation. A company wanted to charge us $1,400 to adjust and fix our gar-age doors. We called Superior and they fixed charge! Great service, on time and very professional!

Onions to an employee wearing clothing with "Trump" on it to work. Leave politics out of the workplace. We get enough of him in the news.

Orchid to Ron, a local handyman. Thank you so much for offering to fix our foundation. He not only came over within minutes, but did not charge us. What comes around goes around, may you too be blessed with an unexpected "gift" from heaven. T and C

Onions to juvenile delinquent driving a late-model red Ford Falcon on Mesquite. You made "jack rabbit" starts at each stop sign leaving rubber. That hurts gas mileage including the life of your tires. Take a driving safety course. What is it with you hot rodders? Grow up or leave town.

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