Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Cath Lab at HRMC. Special kudos to Tiana; you’re awesome. And Carrie, Sue, and Bruce are great! You are a fantastic team. Kathy in pre-op and Julie in post-op, Brittany in recovery; you are heroes. Thank you

Onions to not liking someone for no other reason than meanness. No one should judge anyone, it’s this type of human that hurts for fun. They burns ants with a magnifying glass and show off to cover defects in their own life. We should water our gardens and offer to help others grow theirs. It's fraternal.

Orchids to Chris at Republic Services, thank you from two grateful ladies, we will think of you when the cold weather rolls around. Joy and Benita

Onions to my boss for expecting $20 an hour work out of me, while only paying $15. Have you heard the statement, "You get what you pay for?"

Orchids to Star Cinemas for showing "Pavarotti". Most of you have no idea what you're missing!

Onions to the delivery driver cutting across the vacant lot on the south side every day. Your actions have created an eye sore and show your lack of respect to the neighborhood.

Orchids to the staff at Terrible's on Acoma for holding my sack of Banana Moon Pies (that I had mistakenly left by the Lottery machine) behind the counter. The staff is always friendly and sweet.

Onions to the cantankerous old man with the gray van for leaving your sweet dog in your car on a 120 degree day. If I hadn't called animal control, your dog might not be alive. Welcome to Havasu.

Orchids to the people who ordered and installed automatic doors at our police station to improve access for people with disabilities. Thank you!

Onions to the people on north side of town that painted their house to match the city trash cans

Orchids to Ana at College Street for throwing the loveliest baby shower we have ever seen! What a delight you are, we love you so much!

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