Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids and much love to the best group of Wednesday night dart players anyone could be with. I know the ladies who are taking my place will do a great job. It's been fun. See you in September.

Onions to all the pot holes at intersections on highway and Acoma from the fire station to highway going south. We pay enough taxes for them to be repaired. Instead we get road barriers. Go figure!

Orchids to Burgers by the Bridge! Best view, great staff, fantastic tasting food, and beautiful presentation! Thank you for another amazing dinner! Love, love, love the food and atmosphere! Keep up the great menu!

Onions to the new coffee place. Your coffee tastes like burnt dirt.

Orchids to our animal control P.D. for putting the fear of God into my neighbors if their three barking dogs bark again. It's nice to have some peace now.

Onions to the dog walker on Bear Drive, leaving their dog droppings in the road with an empty trash can right there. You’re a sick individual.

Orchids to Masonry and More. They did the paving around our pool and did a super job. Fast, efficient, work together like a well-oiled machine. We cannot say enough good things about them and the crews. Thank you, Julie and Steve. Just Beautiful

Onions to the onion about porch lights. Life is not all about you. Maybe someone is ill, elderly or whatever, not your business. Move to Yucca. I understand the stars are bright there.

Orchids to the produce lady at Safeway who kindly cut a cantaloupe to sample and carefully wrapped it for me. Any joint can sell melons but good service is all the difference. Endorsed by the melon lover.

Onions to asking President Trump for money to support all these immigrants. Just yesterday I saw on television they were doing a fundraiser for our homeless right here in Arizona. Why can't we take care of our own, and then help someone else’s country?

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