Orchids and Onions

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to our local hospital. It is just so awesome! I've lived here 15 years, from San Diego, and have been pampered numerous times. The nurses, doctors, all the medical staff are so awesome. Dedicated, compassionate, and beautiful hearts! Same praise to the 24 hour nursing care facility! God bless! Tony Balogne

Onions to my guest. The wedding party wasn’t done with photos, but you cut into the cake. Other guests followed suit. We arrived to find cake nearly gone. Lame excuse being you had an appointment to make. Because of this we had to make do with a carrot cake from Safeway. Orchids to Ann for her quick thinking!

Orchids and high fives to Heather in the ER at HMRC. Sharp, funny and so competent. Made a scary situation so much better. Great attitude. Thanks, G and her mom.

Onions to gas stations. Ever notice when the market price is going down they say it takes a month or more to get through the pipeline, but when price is going up, the pump price is up the next day. Be honest you raise the price because you can and what are we going to do about it.

Orchids to the beautiful blooming Palo Verde Trees. Onions to no honey bees this year, I wonder why. Last year my tree was buzzing constantly while in bloom.

Onions to my mail coming opened. It's almost always personal items or items with sensitive information. It can't all be due from human error, machine malfunction, or the sender's fault.

Orchids to the young cashier at Smith's Friday night. She was so kind and patient with us having trouble with the digital coupon. She was amazing and the best. She rocked.

Onions to the man that said there are no female BBQ judges. You are wrong there are 2 of us. We are master judges and I have been judging since 2010. Last year alone, I judged 18 competitions. Working on a 100 this year or early next. Plus, there is another that has a weekend house here...so you are wrong sorry.

Orchids to our neighbors across the border who are able to provide us with excellent dental care and prescription drugs at an affordable price for folks on a very limited budget.

Onions to the car wash who for fifteen dollars won't vacuum the seats, never again.

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