Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the city. The new Christmas decorations look great on Main Street. Now if all the business owners will step up and light up the business we can really light up the street. The city steped up, let's do the same.

Orchids to Rachael of Dr. Atassi office, her help with my heart monitor unit was fantastic! Very helpful, friendly and courteous!

Onions to $16 for a basket of shrimp. When I got home, there were only two shrimp and the rest tasteless small formulated pieces of shrimp. I will always check container from now on when leaving the lodge.

Orchids to Kimmy at the South Side Laundry and the Deli. Thank you for going above and beyond for customers...Satisfied Customer

Orchids to proper education. The other gender, dating, and sex are the most important subjects to teens. Please have the intelligence to bring the subject into the schools. They need it!

Onions to the 20% tip advocate. If the food service person can afford the nose rings, the lip rings, the tongue rings and the tattoos, he/she surely doesn't need big tips to supplement their so-called "meager wages." A Grossed Out Patron

Orchids to the person that mentioned this new Doctor in town, John Moran, MD. He goes the extra mile for you, he really cares about his patients. I’m so glad I found him!

Orchids to Florence at Home Depot’s Garden Center. She helped this brown thumb immensely!

Onions to digital coupons that exclude loyal customers who cannot afford a smarty phone!

Orchids to Lake Havasu's Pay It Forward! You can find them on Facebook! Charity begins at home and every day you can find evidence of that at Pay It Forward! Check out adopting a child for Christmas!

Orchids to Casey W. Happy Trails my Friend! Say hi to Roger and Doogie. Until we meet again...Mark and Patti

Onions to the coach. Some had a spot without even having to try out. Others cheated during the try-out and made it. Others never had a shot because of their club. Victory with honor indeed. What a sham. I will no long support the booster club.

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