Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the response to the onions about the cable company. It's almost impossible to contact any company employee to resolve issues. Couldn't make payment over the phone without a $10 dollar fee (and it was their mistake).

Onions to our new neighbors with the barking dogs. Their constant barking has destroyed the tranquility and quiet of our neighborhood. Good neighbors take their barking dogs inside to avoid disturbing their neighbors. Please be a good neighbor. Thanks

Orchids to the awesome person at Smiths that turned in my gift cards that I had paid for and left behind. My faith in human kindness has been restored, since moving here. Thank you!

Onions to a doctor’s assistant. Treat patients fairly and call them in a timely manner when they need the information from your boss!

Orchids to City Maytag employees. They were all so helpful and pleasant to us during our quest to purchase a new refrigerator. The big box stores are not nearly so caring and thorough as they were to us. It pays to shop locally. The Speers

Onions to the appliance repair service. Over three weeks since their tech first arrived to check out our washer. Spoke to them requesting status of parts to fix our machine, promised return calls twice. No return calls. Called them a third time and they claimed order could not be found. Flaky business practices.

Orchids for Havasu Regional Medical Center, for outstanding medical treatment. Your efficiency and expertise prevail throughout your entire facility. Grace and Blessings to all for being a community that understands and communes to overcome an extreme emergency and judgment succeed life over death.

Onions to the bar. Your cocktails were the weakest I’ve ever had. Food was good but the drinks were the worst. The bar staff needs help.

Orchids to my dear friend Don Flakus. After going through a very trying period, it's good to see you up and running. Keep that smile in place. Ranger Terry.

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