Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the onion about rude and disruptive children in a restaurant. Good manners begin at home and should include respect for the rights of others. If the children cannot be quiet, they need to stay home.

Onions to people that do not understand school zone when speed drops to 25 mph. That is all the time even at 12 midnight. All the time, all the time in a school zone.

Orchids to the Copper Still for the best Saturday morning experience in Havasu: smiling happy staff with awesome people skills making everyone feel good about just being alive everyone should give you a try it’s so refreshing to see smiles and comradery. Keep up the great atmosphere.

Onions to the person that needs his name in print daily or twice daily. True good deeds are not bragged about. Orchids and onions are supposed to be different people’s ideas and opinions. You need to get a life. Dotty Z.

Orchids to the guy in pickup motioning for me to stop to tell me I left something on the roof of my car. Onions to me thinking that you just wanted me to go around. Felt really stupid when I realized what I did!

Onions to the car wash with t-shirts that say “No Orchids and Onions.” They have a supervisor to check the quality of work performed by employees, but areas of vehicle don’t get any attention. Maybe the supervisor needs a supervisor. Ongoing battle to get a good car wash.

Orchids to Paula at The Blue Chair for the exceptional service. We came in for lunch and not only was our service fantastic but the food was amazing. See you again…

Onions to thinking that the advertising slogan, "What's in your wallet?" is an attempt at scamming personal information from you.

Orchids to all who seek news information from many media sources rather than just one. It was Hitler (an evil man) and other current dictators prohibit a free press. We must be grateful that our constitutional free press exists!

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