Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Dr. Laura Lange Veterinarian and staff. Thank you so much for getting me in right away when my little girl was so sick. Dr. Lange you were great to get her back to herself in few days appreciate you and you’re time. She is do much better and playing and barking again. Thank you, Loretta Reiswig

Onions to the eavesdropper. Life must be lonely sneak listening to others. It’s now time turn up the false conversations so you can speak ill and be fooled at the same time. Should be fun to see how the experiment progresses; after all, misquoting seems to be ramped up to a new level of stupidity.

Orchids to the good citizen who turned in my Kokopelli key ring at the hospital front desk. That little fob means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

Onions to the supervisor for his snippy comment about where he attended school. Christians should not be contemptuous and you are a role model. That derision is what has crept into our youth. Speak plainly, your quips are unwarranted.

Orchids to Dr. Roger Litchfield, DVM at the Western Arizona Humane Society. His treatment on our two dogs was rapid and successful. After 20 years, he is still the best vet in Lake Havasu City. Love the new facility. Thanks also to Patty G.

Onions to the youth sports league that is practicing on heat advisory days. The schools are not having recess or practice for older kids after 7 a.m., I am so curious how it is acceptable to have practice during a heat warning time for much younger kids. This is a youth sport, not the Super Bowl.

Orchids to Chris at Above All Forklift Repair for going above and beyond to help the Havasu Community Health Foundation Food Bank with all thier pallet jack repair issues. Thanks from Mike and all the other volunteers.

Onions to the construction company and everyone affiliated with them for blocking residents driveways. Rude. Pictures have been taken and police notified.

Orchids to Attention to Detail, mobile business. As I started a steep walk to retrieve my newspaper this morning, your passing vehicle stopped and a young man jumped out and ran it up to me. You do pay attention to detail. Thanks, from a senior Lady on Sand Piper Drive.

Onions to the first day of school bullying at Thunderbolt middle school. Teachers seeing and doing nothing.

Orchids to everyone at Lakeside Physical Therapy. They are a great group of people and they made my rehab experience something I looked forward to! Happy to report I no longer need them, they helped me and my knee get back to my old self. I will miss them! Thanks guys! KJ

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Can Of Corn

Onions to all! And to all - a goodnight! Oh wait....I meant Hwy only aka 🥫🌽




HI there! I hate to interrupt your rambling, but on 5 August you made the statement about people "KILLING BABIES" and ask that you provide us exactly who are these people "KILLING BABIES?" This is very serious and needs to taken care ASAP. I know providing misleading and untrue garbage is your stock in trade, but we are still waiting for a response. Is there some reason you are refusing to tell us who are "KILLING BABIES" or is - most likely- just more made up garbage you spew to inflame the intellectually challenged?

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