Orchids to Doug at Connected Computer & Technology. Very knowledgeable and equally patient. Thanks for your help. Signed, Fortran veteran

Onions to the officer for causing unnecessary hardship to an already burdened lady and then telling me it’s not the end of the world. Harassment is mean.

Orchids to Robert Starkey at River Cities United Way. The luau dinner was absolutely outstanding! Thank you for putting on such a phenomenal event for the community!

Onions to the snowbird who said, “Havasu should feel lucky I come here and spend my money.” Only 10% own a service type industry that caters to you people. The other 90% think you are an intrusion upon our city.

Orchids to Rhonda and Leann in the Chemo Lab, here in Havasu, for making a difficult time in my life so much better. Know that your compassion, caring and sometimes silly sense of humor is sincerely appreciated, thank you! To the newest staff member Wende, keep on smiling, you have a beautiful one.

Onion to the snowbird’s onion about tips. If you think the locals should be lucky with you spending money here, you have it wrong. We will feel lucky that you take your money and small tip and don’t come back. We will survive without you. Have a nice life. Not!

Orchids to Tire Man of Lake Havasu. Call Nick. You will get Great Service and a Great Price without having to wait forever. I will be back for my next set of tires!

Onions to bashing. No one needs to be bashed over anything that’s legal. Yes, judge a thief, a murderer, etcetera, but don’t bash for personality or looks or any other idiotic thing, just so you can bash someone.

Orchids to the white GMC Sierra who bought my husband and myself lunch at In ‘n Out, I promise I will pay it forward. Many thanks! - White RAV4


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