Orchids and Onions

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Dr. Prater for taking such good care of me for the last five years (four surgeries) I don’t think I would be here if not for your great care. Also to your great staff and sweet little Irece. Now fix that door handle so we old people can get in!

Onions to the onion about the man openly using his inhaler in a restaurant. As a mother you should be teaching your children the difference between what lifesaving is and what’s not. What If that man was having a hard time breathing at that moment? Shame and on you!

Orchids to GraceArt Live’s “Beauty and the Beast Jr!” It was so fun, funny and these kids have amazing talent! Belle was fabulous and such a beautiful voice! I totally loved every second of the show!

Onions to the pansy onion giver who cries about being called a hired hand. ACLU, really? It is obvious that you are an illiterate liberal who will be crying again in 2020! There is no law in our USA that will protect you from being called a hired hand! Find another job – and be grateful you live in a free country you big crybaby!

Orchids to Whiz Kid. I bought a new iPhone and needed assistance, they were so nice an the service was excellent.

Onions to the person that took my five-foot red metal flower tree in my driveway on Sombrero Drive that blew over in the wind storm. Please bring it back.

Orchids to Jennifer at River Valley Hospice for being very professional and caring for your patient John Nelson. You make your clients feel very good. DS

Onions to me for staying in Havasu in the summer! Obviously, snowbirds are smarter than the rest of us! Are you kidding when 128 degree weather is bragged about and celebrated 25 years later?

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